Gello Doodle iPhone App Review


If you like Jell-O, then you will love this app.  Expand your Jell-O horizons with the Gello Doodle app.  This is an interesting little application that lest you create your own Gello concoctions and then allows you to stretch it, poke it, bounce it or smash it.  It can provide hours of Gello fun as you go through all of the different features that are available in this iPhone app.

First of all, there are over forty-two different add-ins that you can use to create the perfect Gello masterpiece.  You can pick any color or shape that you want the Gello to be molded in as well.  You can mold it into animal shapes, household items, or just about anything else you can think of.  The add-ins for the Gello include apples, pretzels, bananas, sprinkles and much more.  There are over 22 different Gello modes included in the game and more are sure to come out with the next update.  As you are creating your gello molds, you can tilt your phone back and forth and make different layers of colors throughout the mold.  You also do not have to finish filling the entire mold in order to take the Gello out and start bouncing it around.

Once you have made your creation, take it out of the mold and have some fun with it.  Mess with the gravity controls and see how it bounces around with different physical forces on it.  You can take pictures of you Gello and send it to friends or just store it for later.  When you are done playing with your food, you can suck it up with a straw and start all over again!


  • Photo album option to save screen shots of your Gello creations
  • Ability to send these photos to friends and family
  • Over 42 different add-ins you can put in your Gello to spice it up
  • Over 22 different molds for you to pick.  You don’t have to fill the entire mold to start bouncing it around
  • Can make your own color scheme for you Gello mold
  • You can alter gravity controls to make your Gello react differently to it’s surroundings
  • You can shake your phone or tip it over to make the Gello jump and bounce
  • Fill your Gello mode until it self-destructs
  • Or you can suck it up through a straw


Jell-O hasn’t been so fun since the introduction of finger jello years ago.  You can relive your childhood and play with the Gello without having to worry about getting yelled at by your mom to clean up your messes.  This is a fun app that allows you to express your creativity in many different forms and bounces.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and costs around $0.99.

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