GIPHY KEYS iPhone Review

GIPHY KEYS for iPhone is the official keyboard from GIPHY. It is the easiest and fastest way to browse, search, and share the perfect GIF in your text messages – right from your keyboard. GIPHY KEYS – The GIF Keyboard for iPhone may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

The App

GIPHY KEYS for iPhone gives you access to GIPHY’s collection of millions of GIFs. As a user, you can play with the special GIPHY commands to make and discover so much more awesome content. It should be noted that you got to give the app ‘full access’, meaning granting it access to the internet (where GIFs live), which is how the app delivers all of the best ones right to your keyboard. Simply tap the Home icon to start your GIF search from inside the message field and see results appear instantly. Explore the Trending feed, your ultimate source for the freshest GIFs. You can explore GIF categories by Mood, Memes, Movies etc. Selecting a GIF and sharing it with your friends is a cake walk. Simply tap on one to select, and paste the GIF in iMessage and send. You can also paste GIFs directly into Twitter compositions and Snapchat messages. You also have the option to post the GIF links in Facebook or Slack. If you find a GIF that you’d liked, you can add it to your favorites in one double-tap.


GIPHY KEYS for iPhone also got its own suite of built-in GIPHY commands that lets users find or create a unique GIF just for you. For example, #echo helps you transform your words into a GIF. The app is found to be stable and responsive. GIPHY KEYS requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.


GIPHY KEYS for iPhone is a huge source of animated GIFs, and GIPHY KEYS for iPhone makes it easy to access them and share directly. You can explore GIFs by category. Choosing a GIF and sharing it with others via iMessage or social network sites is a straightforward process. The option to create unique GIFs is a nice touch. Performance wise, GIPHY KEYS app is slick and responsive. To sum it up, GIFs are a great way to express what you feel, and GIPHY KEYS gives you access to your favorite GIFS right from your keyboard.