Glow Hockey 2 Android Game App Review

Glow Hockey 2 for Android is a gaming app that gets you to play hockey in a new style. It is quite easy to play but also hard to master. You get to challenge yourself with computer generated opponents or play with friends. Glow Hockey is a fun and addictive game to play with great graphics and a great concept to kill the time. The setup is simple and you get to choose between two players. The game suits all ages that does not make its player a wee bit boring.

A hockey tournament to fetish your hungry sporting spirit

Glow Hockey 2 for Android has two multiplayer mode and three themes to select. The interface has a pretty simple menu. To start playing, select either 1 player for single player mode or 2 players for multiplayer mode. The interface, graphics and audio can be tweaked in Settings menu. You can change the color palette, paddles and puck. If you have played air hockey then this would be pretty easy. As you hold the device, you are at one end of the small hockey table and your opponent is on the other end. You have two objectives. One, knock the puck into your opponent’s goal. Next, protect your goal from the pucks of opponents.

The air hockey table is causing and is filled with air and hence the puck moves pretty quick. You really need to be vigilant to prevent the goal or hit one. You need to concentrate on the speed and angle as you hit the puck to bounce it into their goal. There are various levels available, like, easy, medium, hard and insane. Scoring takes you to the winning streak and the first one there will be taken back to the menu.


Glow Hockey 2 for Android has a colorful glow graphics that is quite smooth and responsive. The realistic physical elements will make you feel like a real player on a real playground.You have four selectable paddles and pucks.The app vibrates when you get a goal. The game is offered for free from Google Play Store.

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