Green Riding Hood iPhone App Review

Green Riding Hood for iPhone is one of the top-rated applications for children doing the rounds on App Store. Developed by Bobaka LLC, it introduces kids of ages five and under to a healthy lifestyle in a cheery spin-off of the original folktale. The app has won several awards as iPad App of the Year 2015, Winner of the “Rating of Runet 2016” contest in “Leisure, Entertainment, Shopping” nomination and Interactive Book of the Year 2015 nominee at Moscow International Book Fair. Green Riding Hood is a free application.

Organic Storybook to inculcate nature riding

The interface of Green Riding Hood for iPhone is idiosyncratic and clean as a whistle. The primary objective of the app is to lets your children get acquainted with the importance of being fit and healthy, of spending more time outdoors with friends and of course eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables. It unveils pieces of interactive content that are either free of charge or become available via in-app purchases, such as a set of morning exercises designed by Wolf himself, Grandma’s Yoga asana set and a terrific dance class with Green Riding Hood. The graphics and animation are incredible with cute characters always providing an opportunity to share a laugh. Even though it is a free application offering iMessage app, but there are in-app purchases which cost in the range of $0.99 to $7.99 to unlock features like wolf’ morning exercise. It is compatible with more than ten languages, which includes English, Russian, Spanish and Italian. The app requires iOS 10.0 or later. It is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Green Riding Hood iPhone App Review

Minigames to rejuvenate one’s mind

By being an application focused on children, it provides a set of mini-games to entertain and engage the children. It brings useful sets of daily exercises on the board to keep one’s children fit and healthy, just by nudging their mind with a colorful character. Apart from this, the voiceover narrations are recorded by guest-star actors, video-bloggers and radio hosts from all around the world. It’s a simple application targeted on children to meet the quintessential need of the human society- a healthy future generation. Secure a free copy of this app from App Store to let your children understand the love nature has for all of us.