IM+ Instant Messenger iPhone App Review

Internet Messaging has reached its zenith post the revolution of the social media. With just a single user being a part of multiple chat applications, the need for a universal messaging client is too high. IM+ Instant Messenger is one such application for the iPhone users that support almost all major Instant Messaging platforms across the net. With highly efficient features like push notification support and multitasking, this amazing app is a must have for all chat freaks. It is available completely free in the App Store and comes with a size of 33 MB.


The IM+ Instant Messenger for iPhone supports more than 15 different chat clients like the Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, ICQ, My Space, Jabber, AIM, Skype and so on. All of these are integrated into the application and can be accessed simultaneously across multiple tabs. It even supports group chatting, sharing of media files and push notifications. You can also share your location map through the Geo-location feature. The interface is clean and simple with easy to understand options and features throughout. All you have to do is to choose the ‘Accounts’ tab and add your screen name and password on each preferred client. There are tabs at the bottom for contacts, inbox, status, settings and favourites. You can select any user from the contacts and message them or add them to a group chat. You can send messages as text or voice. All the chat history gets stored in the inbox with options for deletion. You can also set the status depending upon your mood.

IM+ Instant Messenger iPhone App

IM+ Instant Messenger app supports multitasking and has a built in browser within the application. You can open all the links from messages within the app. There are a variety of various customizable features like message alerts, emoticons, animations and more. Push notifications can be enabled for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL messages. There is also an in-app purchase available for the encryption of messages. The ‘Neighbors’ option provides an innovative feature for finding new connections and friends. You can even access the map and find new friends around a location and send them messages. There are also options to locate your friends or to send your geo-location to them.


IM+ Instant Messenger for iPhone is really one of the best universal chat messaging client application to come out in the App Store. With its slick interface, attractive features and frequent upgrades, it is sure to impress all those who need to integrate multiple accounts into one universal app.

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