Invoice & Time Tracking – Zoho Android App Review

Billing, invoicing and time tracking are crucial elements of any business. It is important to track software gives you the means to track time spent on each project, sales / services rendered, applicable fees / charges, when to send bills / invoices etc. Many businesses still use complicated spreadsheets and paper records for all this information. But today, there are many specialized software apps you can use to take care of these tasks quickly, with much less effort. Many of these are inexpensive or some are even free to use. Zoho Invoice & Time Tracking Android App from Zoho corporation is an intuitive and user-friendly invoicing and time tracking app.

How it works

One of the simplest invoicing systems available in the market, Zoho Invoice & Time Tracking App for Android offers huge advantages even when you compare it to more expensive apps. It helps you track time spent on each project, send professional invoices and automatic payment reminders. It enables the user to manage and monitor invoices and send it to the customer from the same platform. Using a wide range of templates available, you can customize invoices and import elements that are specific for your business. The Invoice & Time Tracking App helps you get paid faster through online payment gateways. There is an expense management feature in the app that lets you keep a track of your business expenses. Users can generate real time reports and dashboards that provide critical insights on the performance of your business.

The Zoho Invoice & Time Tracking App for Android sends notification when a customer views and makes payment on an invoice. Users are also informed when a customer accepts or declines work estimates. Another main advantage of Zoho is that it is possible to record invoices and expenses in foreign currency. Customers can pay their invoices online using their preferred online gateways. Zoho ensures that all transactions and related operations are on the same platform. Zoho allows you to assign users, roles and manage permissions; it is ideal to use in a team environment. The app is multi-lingual and is available in 10 languages.


The Zoho Invoice & Time Tracking mobile app, a supplement of the Zoho Invoice web application is integrated with Google apps to help users to invoice existing customers more conveniently. Ideal for small / medium businesses, and freelancers to create and manage their invoicing, this app can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

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