iRecorder Video Recorder Android App Review

iRecorder Video Recorder Android App records everything in the background. It is most useful when you want to record your voice or someone else’s voice when the background when the phone is in the locked state. It is most useful for journalists, people in business and also students. They can record interviews, meetings and lectures for future use. Simply go ahead and record ideas and reminders and get the utmost from the app. You just have to be careful that you font record anything inappropriate and without the consent of the other person. It is one of the good tool to record.

Record some of the best moments and make the best out of it

iRecorder Video Recorder Android App is simple and easy to use with smooth controls and a beautiful material design inspired interface. The app makes use of both front and back camera to record. It beautifully records both video and audio. Make changes to the videos after you record them. Trim it to cut of unnecessary portions.The app supports multiple languages.Use the options in the settings to enable and disable preview views and shutter sounds.

The iRecorder Video Recorder App for Android has several advanced options including auto white balancing and Google Drive Backup. It also allows us to adjust timer to record videos at a specific period and time. You can select the video resolutions from the multiple options. Easily configure the camera and store the final output. It us a well coded app that is safe and secure to use.


iRecorder Video Recorder Android App is useful for capturing videos that surrounds us. The app also allows us to use the device camera to record at a given time. The picture and audio quality is superb. The app let’s you scrub through the videos and also delete unnecessary files. One must be careful what they record and share. It is also highly necessary that you get the consent of the people you are about to shoot. The app is available for free to download and use. There are ads placed by the developers. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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