JustWatch Movies and TV Shows iPhone App Review

Our smart phones have literally changed the way we keep ourselves entertained. There are numerous apps like Netflix and Hulu which streams our favorite movies and TV show. You also have apps that tell you about the latest movies going on around you. Now, JustWatch Movies and TV Shows for iPhone combines both these kinds of app and manages to do something better. So, let’s check out the app shall we.

Bringing All Entertainment in One Place

If search engines bring all the information of the web in one place, then JustWatch for iPhone could be said to be the search engine for entertainment. It helps you to search for the latest movies and TV shows that are streaming on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, CBS and more than 35 other platforms. You can search for a movie from more than 55000 titles and get information on its cast and synopsis, catch the trailer and even get its IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. It even notifies when a new episode of your favorite show is streaming. Now, nothing is better than going out and catching a movie. Well, JustWatch lets you know about all the movies that are on AMC theatres new you and also allows you to book tickets in just one go with Fandango.

JustWatch Movies and TV Shows iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Find your favorite movies and TV shows
Get notified for a price drop on online streaming sites as well on tickets at the theatre near you.
Create a watch list, without having a login


JustWatch Movies and TV Shows for iPhone is definitely a great app for people who watch a lot of movies and shows online. It is also ideal for movie goers. Therefore, it is a ‘win-win’ app of sorts so far as entertainment is concerned. So, install the app on your iPhone and get the latest in entertainment