Knappily – The Knowledge App for Android Review

Knappily for Android is a knowledge app which is a first of its kind daily news and digital magazine. Knappily is short form of ‘knowledge application daily’ presents information in 5W1H format, which is a piece of information in Knappily will answer these questions – what, why, when, where, who and how. This framework lets the app anticipate questions a user might ask regarding a topic and answers them in a format that is easily understood.

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Knappily – The Knowledge App for Android presents a 360 degree view of current affairs with topics ranging from politics, sports, business, technology, philosophy, movies, TV shows and so on. Each of these articles in Knappily is called a Knapp. The framework for each knapp is set in such a way that you start from no knowledge to well round knowledge in a topic because of a unique representation of data in 5W1H format. You can access the entire analysis of a Knapp in in just 6 swipes. The interface is simple and presents information in the form of cards which you can swipe and read or skip portions you have already read. The reference section helps users access source of information from where they can get more data. You can also bookmark articles so you can get back to where you read last. Set automatic notifications so you will get alerts when there are new articles to read.

Knappily - The Knowledge App for Android Review

Knapps are arranged in distinctive categories so you can filter out news easily. Search feature lets you find the favourite Knapp. The app lets you copy text from the articles to use it elsewhere. The articles will be marked read or unread so you know the one you had missed. If you are a night owl, the night mode will help you with a pleasant reading experience. You can also share these article over social media including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and do on.


Knappily for Android, an award winning app, is a popular knowledge app that makes people compelled to read articles that did not appeal to them in the past. Knappily provides interesting reading experience for users who relish casual reading on their smartphones. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.

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