Lazy Snakes

As the title suggests, this game app has you feed really lazy snakes. These snakes are so lazy they can’t even feed themselves. In this puzzle games, you go through a number of levels, going through obstacles to feed the snakes are lazily enjoying their chill time. It’s a puzzle game that really has you think through as you shoot the good that will feed the snakes. You can’t blame the snakes so just feed them.

Lazy Snakes features gameplay which is almost similar to games like Puzzle Bobble and Angry Birds where you have to shoot the food for the snakes to eat. The game also features intricate level designs that will test your skills in making sure you get the food to the snakes. It features over 72 levels, it has a money system that lets you purchase the levels to make a progress, a weapon system that lets you use bombs that will blow obstacles and many more. There are also special elements that add much to the game. Think of this game as Angry Birds that involves feeding the rats to the snakes.

Lazy Snakes is very easy to play on the first levels but becomes quite difficult in the later levels, especially with the elements added. But it makes it challenging and fun. There are also walkthrough videos for this game so if you find it hard to play, you can always check them out to play through the harder levels. Because of this, Lazy Snakes gets a rating of 4 out of 5. 

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