LetGo Buy and Sell Used Stuff Android Review

LetGo Buy and Sell Used Stuff Android App let you sell or buy used stuff. It could be anything from used clothing, furniture, electronics or vehicles. If you are a person who thrive on best deals and is thrifty about spending money, then you need to have this app in your phone. The app serves the purpose for those who love to let go things they don’t use anymore. The app has created the trend to recycle products and help you lead a simple life. Gone are the days of garage and yard sale. LetGo Android App has become the new trend.

Letgo Features

LetGo Buy and Sell Used Stuff Android App is a user friendly and an easy to use app that let’s you sell and buy used products. It offers an easy way to communicate to the buyers and sellers using the chat feature. Easily browse all the items listed in the website and place a deal with the seller. The app uses your location information to show you the sellers right in your place and what they are selling.

LetGo Buy and Sell Used Stuff Android App filters all the products that are sold locally in your home page. You can change your location or keep it within a certain distance from your current location in the settings. The chat feature has standardized questions and responses that makes communication easier. It keeps your privacy safe by not giving way your exact addresses. To sell a product, you need to have a good photo and a description to upload along with a price.


LetGo Buy and Sell Used Stuff Android App is an app that helps you get rid of a lot of unused items. The app does not have a payment protocol and the items are sold through cash transaction. This makes selling and buying to take place locally. There are more than 75 million downloads and about 100 million products on sale. So, there is a good chance of your product getting sold easily with this huge database of people.The app is available for free to download. There are ads placed by the developers.There are in-app purchases available in the app to pay for classified ads to show up.

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