LivingWith: Cancer Support iPhone App Review

Suffering from cancer can be debilitating, both physically and mentally. LivingWith: Cancer Support app for iPhone is tailor made for unfortunate cancer patients to connect with people, request support you need, improve communication with doctor, and most importantly, stay organized. You can download LivingWith: Cancer Support app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

The App

It is important that cancer patients receive support from their loved ones. Using LivingWith: Cancer Support iPhone app, they can build a trusted network of support with friends and family. Patients could stay connected and easily update loved ones, all in one place. You can also send requests to friends and family right from your iPhone. Whether it’s coordinating meals, rides to doctors’ appointments or sharing important health updates, everyone stays connected and organized. Regular feedback to doctor also helps patients in their treatment. The app let you keep track of how you’re feeling and share updates with your doctor. You can easily track your mood, pain, sleep and steps, and sync data with other health apps and wearables.

LivingWith: Cancer Support for iPhone also generates personalized graphs and reports to give your doctor a wellness snapshot at every appointment. LivingWith app also let you keep track of questions and important information in between appointments so you can have more productive doctors’ visits. You can also record key takeaways from your doctor at appointments. The app also comes handy to keep all the key documents in one place. Organize test results, medication details, insurance documents and other important information in a central folder so you always have the information you need at your fingertips. As it syncs with Apple Health app, you can produce step and sleep data anytime to create a well-being profile. The UI design is user friendly. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 9.0+.

Final Take

LivingWith: Cancer Support app helps patients to connect with their loved ones, update doctors, and stay organized in other activities, right from your iPhone. You can send requests to friends/family in one click, not to mention the ability to organize all key documents for quick access. Its ability to generate reports and graphs is a plus. Integration with wearables come handy. We found the app to be pretty stable as well. Overall, a well-made healthcare app for cancer patients.