Math Bingo iPhone App Review

Math Bingo iPhone app is a combination of math and bingo.The game has a 5 x 5 bingo card. The player will have to set a pattern of five bingo bugs in a row by correctly answering math questions. The questions are mostly additions, subtraction, multiplication and division. A perfect game for school kids from kindergarten to middle school. Kids get to practice their arithmetic and have fun as well. Scoreboard and reward points will motivate kids to play well. Scores depend on the time taken to solve the problem and its accuracy.

Play and learn, master basic arithmetic

Math Bingo app for iPhone is neat and intuitive. The interface is simple and even the kids can handle it without much assistance. The problems are displayed on top of the screen and feedback at the bottom. The correct feedback to incorrect answers will also be displayed. Player profiles are created with unique names with a fun cartoon avatar. Initially, the players are promoted to select a level.

Math Bingo iPhone app has three levels, easy, medium and hard. Select the level as per the age. Separate score boards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is made available. Each scoreboard will display the top three score for each level. Bingo bugs are given as reward points for players who earns a high score. Bingo bugs are quite interactive. Players can tap the bingo button in the player profile or the My Bingo Bugs button. Tap on them to make it giggle and spring. Tilt the device to move it around. Reset all scores and delete profiles in the settings.


Math Bingo app for iPhone is great tool that helps instill lot of interest in math. The app is only used for practicing arithmetic as it does not offer any constructive explanations to understand the math fundamentals. Not just the solution but the speed also matters. Correct answers and also to mark the five bingos in line is the real challenge. The app cost just $2.99 to download and use.All the features are made available with no further in app purchases.

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