Megaplex Madness – Now Playing iPhone app Review


The main point of the Megaplex Madness – Now Playing iPhone app is for you to be able to restore the Bowmont Theater back into it’s historic goodness.  You will have to try to bring back all of the excitement of movies that used to reside in Movieville.  You will have to go around town and purchase theaters in order to restore them and bring the golden age back to the town.  In order to keep all of your loyal customers happy you will have to be quick with your concessions and also offer timely service to each of them.  You will quickly become an expert at the art of making a megaplex and you will be able to play all kinds of fun mini-games.  You will also have to master a few different levels in order to upgrade the theaters and give them the latest in repairs.  Get the Mexaplex Madness iPhone app today and start living a movie of your own!


  • This little movie game has been completely optimized for the iPod touch and also the iPhone.  You will love how it synchronizes with the touchscreen so that you can have fluid controls
  • You will be able to challenge yourself in a variety of different ways while  you play the game.  There are over 5 different mini games that you can play and they each have a retro style and them to them
  • The game also offers a lot of levels and challenges for you to do.  You will come across 5 different theaters in the levels and each one has ten levels so you will have a total of 50 levels to try and complete
  • There are all kinds of upgrades that you can get for your theaters including popcorn machines and also arcade machines.  These will all help your customers to have more satisfaction and come more often
  • You will also be able to get all kinds of achievements as you play throughout the game and you can also check the local leaderboards to be able to see where you rank with other players
  • You will find that it localizes in Spanish, Japanese, German, English, French, and more


This app has been given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users.  Of course, only nine people have reviewed it so far, but that is still a pretty incredible rating.  You can download this game onto your app for only $2.99.