MemFree App for Android Review

When you have multiple apps installed in your Android device, with most of them having some kind of push notifications running and are using background data quite often, memory management can become a tricky issue. MemFree app for Android helps you do just that – free device memory by killing off the biggest memory hogs. As the name suggests, you can get MemFree for free from Google Play Store.

MemFree App Features

For most users, who are not technical, cranking up their device CPU’s min and max frequency as required is not a practical option. The best thing they could do is to get their hands on a great task manager. MemFree app for Android is basically a task killer. However, to what extent task killing works is itself a contentious topic. Some apps, even if killed, will pop up again in no time, thus rendering the ‘task killing’ a futile exercise. It will likely only results in battery drain if you try to keep killing the apps that will pop up again once you exit the task killer. There are no such troubles if you have root access. But for non-rooters, a task killer is still an immediate solution at hand when the memory runs low.

MemFree App for Android

MemFree Android app is one of the simplest task killers out there. It lists all the applications that are currently running, and how much memory those apps consume collectively. Further, it gives you the option to kill apps individually or every app in one-go. The user interface is easy to use for most parts. MemFree is designed to work with devices running on Android OS versions 1.5 or higher.

Final Thoughts

MemFree app for Android is a simple, yet effective task killer. If your device is not rooted (or does not have root access) and you got only limited resources onboard, this one could come handy. The app is easy to use; finding the apps to kill is pretty straightforward. Alternatively, there is also an option to kill off all the apps in one-go. However, you can’t do much against the system apps that restart straightaway. Verdict: For non-rooters, MemFree for Android turns out to be quite a useful app. Try it out.

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