MFL Mobile 2010 iPhone app Review


Are you looking for an Ad-free fantasy football experience where you can control all of your players and fantasy teams all while you are on the go?  Then look no further than MFL Mobile 2010.  This app has been created for all users that want to stay in control of their teams and make them do really well.  You will be able to pick your lineup and then submit it so that you can keep tabs on it from wherever you are.  You can see all of your players and keep track of live scoring on game day.  This is one heck of a mobile fantasy football app.


  • This little iPhone app is loaded with a bunch of features that are fun to use.  The first and main one that you will be able to control is that of picking your lineup and submitting it
  • The next big feature that is attached to this fantasy football app is the ability to see the live scoring of your team and also the players.  Watch your team start to rack up the points!
  • The league standings in this app are also very detailed so you will be able to see who is the current leader and who still needs some work to be able to move up
  • The message board on the app is also a lot of fun.  You can use it for casual reading or you can talk some serious smack talk with your friends and other members of the league
  • There are no advertisements in this app so you never have to worry about being bogged down by that.


Fantasy Football keeps getting bigger and bigger every single year.  If you have never tried it then now is a good time to start.  This little iPhone app is a great way to keep track of your teams and to play against your friends and see who the real fantasy football guru is.  You will be able to make trades, acquire new players and drop ones that aren’t performing well.  You will be able to get your live player scoring and see matchups and how you are doing with your team.  This is one of the ultimate iPhone fantasy apps out there.

This app has actually gotten some pretty stellar reviews lately.  The app is currently sitting at a 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars rating as reviewed by multiple iPhone app users and critics.  You can also download this app onto your iPhone for the small price of $1.99.