Mixel Cocktails iPhone App Review

It has arrived just in time for the holiday season. Mixel Cocktails for iPhone helps you to become a cocktail expert. It makes use of what you already own. That is, you can transfer your home bar into your virtual bar to see which recipes you can make based on what you already own. The app may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Learn the Art of Making Cocktails

Mixel Cocktails for iPhone is for cocktail lovers or those who wish to learn the art of making cocktails. It features some of the best cocktail recipes in the world. You can create your own recipe and share with your friends, or even have a cocktail party. It is a nice feature that all of your data is automatically synced and available online or offline, on all your devices. So ever wonder what is Chartreuse anyway? Or how to make Simple Syrup? Click an ingredient and get the ingredient’s information. You can sort cocktail recipes by what you can make with your ingredients. It is also possible to sort by flavor or favorites. The curated cocktail recipes itself is exhaustive and should cater to most cocktail lover’s needs and requirements. But the biggest use of this app is in creating customized recipes. That is, you can create, customize, and share your own unique creations. If you tag the developers on Instagram, they may put your recipe in the app. If you happen to not have all ingredients to make a cocktail, you can shop them directly from within Mixel Cocktails for iPhone. The recipes are regularly updated so that you’ll never run out of choices.

Mixel Cocktails iPhone App Review

The UI of Mixel Cocktails for iPhone is thoughtfully designed. Finding a recipe or adding your home bar to the digital bar is a straightforward process. Sorting the recipes is also easy. The color theme also looks nice. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive as well. It requires iOS 9.0+.

Final Take

Mixel Cocktails for iPhone lets you make mouth-watering cocktails using its collection of cocktail recipes and what you already own in your home bar. It also gives you space to be creative and come up with your own cocktail combinations and flavors. Ability to sort recipes by different attributes is a handy feature, so is the option to shop for ingredients directly from the app. UI layout is user friendly. It is also stable. Check it out if you are someone who likes to experiment with cocktails.