Moovit Transport App for Android Review

Moovit for Android is a local transport app that helps millions of commuters with live updates of status, routes and so on. The app with its presence in over 2700 cities, 300 million users it is world number one transportation app and they keep adding cities every 15 hours. All your transport choices are now available in one single app which is robust and sends out precise information. Have peace of mind as you travel in a public transport be it bus, tube, railways or metro.

Travel in peace, travel with Moovit

Moovit: Bus, Rail, Timetables, Maps for Android acts like your personal journey planner that gives you live directions, notifications, car pooling, bike sharing, real time arrival and departure information. With a global coverage and presence in major cities, you still can travel cheap by using the public transport while in a new city. You will not have wait for a train that is not coming or gotten on a wrong bus. Any issues on the planned route, the app will send you notifications so you can avoid it. Even if you doze away, push notifications will wake you up at the right time. The directions are precise that you know where you are going even without a visual aid.

Moovit Transport App for Android Review

Step by step guidance in real time as you travel and find out exactly how long you need to wait, the places you will cross, how many stops and the app will alert you when you need to get off. You can relax and travel avoiding the need to check for the stop. Save locations and frequently used routes so you can access all of it immediately. The app is free to download.

Best PublicĀ TransportĀ App

Moovit for Android is God sent for anyone using public transport. Available in 44 languages and throughout all the major cities across the globe. Plan your routes through any of the available service and get live updates and schedules. Apart from telling you where to get off and on, you can also do live reporting and this can alert other users of delays or cancellations.

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