Nine Email and Calendar Android App Review

Nine Email and Calendar Android App is a complete email app that supports imap and Exchange. Email communication is the most used form of interpersonal communication in an organization. Whether it is an official mail or a personal one, it is important and an essential skill that gives you an edge over the others in an organization. Nine is a full fledged app that is based on direct push technology that synchronizes Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Microsoft Exchange Server. It is perfect for beginners and professional who love to have an efficient communication anytime and anywhere.

Get Connected Efficiently And Effectively With Nine

Nine Email and Calendar for Android is a simple and easy to use mail application that works on direct push synchronization. It does not have it’s own servers and makes use of user server for all purposes. Contacts and calendars are integrated with the app using the Nine account. It has a rich text editor that makes typing mails a breeze. It has a global address list and you need to select folders on the device for push.

Nine Email and Calendar Android App has a hybrid email search that integrates fast local and online search and also has a conversation mode and unread badge that is available as widget. You have widgets for email list, shortcuts, tasks list, and also calendar agenda. It syncs tasks and calendar together. It require the permission from device administrator for efficient functioning of all its features.


Nine Email and Calendar Android App gives you a superlative experience when it comes to email communication. It leverages various features within the single app. You get use email, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks on your device. The app does not use any cloud server. All data is stored on your device. It dramatically enhance user experience and reduces time spent for communication. It supports most of exchange server, office 365, Hotmail, Gmail and more. The basic version of the app is free for a trial period of two weeks. There no are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for additional features.

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