Norton Identity Safe Password Android App Review

Norton Identity Safe Password for Android lets you securely manage passwords. It performs all that a password manager does and additionally has other distinct features that lack in a typical standalone password manager. Quite easy to use and syncs data across all your devices. The app comes packed with a handy Norton Toolbar that has pretty great features.

Keep safe and be relaxed

Norton Identity Safe Password for Android secures even the lamest password. Easily download and install and enter your email address to sign in or create a new Norton account. This account can be used for all Norton products and not just Identity Safe. With Norton Identity Safe, your information is safe more easier than what you would expect. As a perfect password manager, the app will help lock your accounts and save you from entering account details each time you log in. From notes to frequent flyer numbers, passport numbers, credit cards and bank account details are in safe hands.

Norton Identity Safe Password Android App Review

Built-in browser with automatic storage and filing of information makes login with just a click. The password generator helps you create strong, unique passwords and the secure mobile pin helps you access the vault faster from any Android device. Vault is a single secure place where all passwords are stored and once you login you can even access them offline. The app prevents from capturing your keyboard strokes, this is called Phishing. If you have lost your a Android device, you can block the divide from the companies website.


Symantec, with more than 23 year experience, is a global leader in providing in security. Norton Identity Safe Password for Android is world’s most popular and trusted password management app. It is quite flexible as it allows you to export passwords to a proprietary format or .csv format and import them back. Even when it is widely used, countries blacklisted by United States of America are not allowed to make use of this app. That includes countries like, Iran, Cuba, Sudan and so on. The app is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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