NoteLedge Premium App for Android Review

You got lots of note taking apps in Google Play Store. The one we’re going to have a look-in here is NoteLedge Premium app for Android. The ‘Premium’ in the name gives it away that the app is a paid one. It costs $2.99. The app is also available in an ad-supported free of cost version.

NoteLedge Premium App Features

NoteLedge Premium app for Android is a bit different from the usual note taking apps in that it not only let you create notes and memos but also insert video recordings, audio, type written text, and images into the notes. It also comes with some decent handwriting tools that let you sketch doodles or jolt down some quick thoughts. NoteLedge Premium app for Android also let you create different types of multipage note books including a travel journal, personal diary, and a recipe book.

NoteLedge Premium has an attractive UI. It is easy to use for most parts. But since it is different from the usual memo/note taking apps, it is advisable to read the tutorial before start creating memos and notes. To create a new note, simply tap on the ‘+’ sign in the main navigation menu. Now you set the title of the note and once you’re all set, you can choose between drawing and non-drawing modes. In the former, you can draw on a blank page using app’s drawing tools. You can choose the brush size, brush style, and color to your liking. This mode comes handy in drawing doodles or in creating handwritten notes.

NoteLedge Premium App for Android

Non-drawing mode is suitable in creating notes with images. You can insert or create various video and audio recordings plus you can also add some typewritten texts/photos. The notes are scrollable. It should be kept in mind that notes contain multiple pages. To create a new page, simply tap the scroll down with plus button located below the color palette. You can also create a backup for your notes by linking the app with GoogleDrive or Dropbox account. However, strangely missing are features such as color picker and fill tool, ability to insert some pre-defined shapes and cool stickers, crop/resize image feature, and a quick search tool.


NoteLedge Premium app for Android is certainly better than most note-taking application you might have already used. It is user friendly, responsive and easy to use. Using the app, you can create multiple page notes of different types. The ability to add audio/video and typewritten text and images to the notes are its USP. But it strangely misses out on search tool and some common edit features. Verdict: With some more refinement, it’ll become a killer app. But nonetheless, it is worth checking out.

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