Oak – Meditation and Breathing iPhone App Review

Meditation helps to de-stress and relax. In our stressful daily lives, it is important to practice mindfulness and relaxation. Oak – Meditation and Breathing for iPhone helps you learn how to do that. It teaches you meditation techniques practice for centuries. You can download Oak for free from iTunes.

What is it about?

Oak – Meditation and Breathing app for iPhone provides lots of meditation exercises to help you to relax and be mindful. The app offers guided meditations from both male and female instructors. Choose session duration from 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes in length as per your choice. It also teaches pranayama yogic breathing exercises to create a sense of calm and relaxation. When you first start using Oak, it will be in ‘guided’ mode. The app signifies this with ‘mindful’ in the discipline field when you first begin the meditation exercises. It also got an unguided mode wherein you can customize the various aspects of your meditation. One of the nicest aspects of Oak app is its optional integration with Apple Health. But the integration is your choice. The app just tells you how to turn it on, and leaves it to you to enable Apple Health integration. But if you allow Apple Health integration, you can track your progress through Apple Health app. As Apple Health has a section for Mindful Minutes, Oak for iPhone is an excellent way to meet your goals for being more calm, relaxed, and mindful. The app also got a Wisdom tab that features a Wisdom section full of audio and video content from Alan Watts.

Oak Meditation Breathing iPhone App

The UI design of Oak is user friendly. The inhale/exhale commands are shown on the UI prominently. The guided meditations help to learn the nuances quickly. Detailed analytics helps you to keep track of your progress. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive as well.


Oak – Meditation and Breathing app for iPhone is your virtual guide to learning the tips and tricks of meditation, breathing exercises as well as a good wisdom section featuring audio/video content from Alan Watts. Optional Apple Watch integration comes handy. The best part is that it does not force you to connect to Apple Watch. UI is well designed. It is easy to use its various features. The light color theme also looks nice. Overall, a well-made meditation app that teaches you mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

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