Olivia Paints iPhone app Review

Description Olivia Paints iPhone app:

The Olivia Paints iPhone app is based off of the popular children’s book OLIVIA which has won numerous awards including the Caldecott.  There is also a TV show on Nick Jr. that is based on Olivia as well.  This iPhone app will help to spark creativity in young children by letting them explore colors and create a variety of different works of art and masterpieces.  They can create their own scenes and use all of their favorite characters from the Olivia story.

Not only is this a fun paint app but it also is a teaching tool to help kids to know how to mix different colors and create some interesting combinations.  The other addition is the ability that the kids will have to put in Olivia stickers that mimic the characters from the show.  Once the stickers have been added you will also be able to animate them and bring them to life in three dimensions.


  • In this painting app you will be able to include a mixture of paint strokes as well as other stickers that will include the pictures of all of your favorite characters from the Olivia show
  • The great part about this app is that your kids will be able to learn how to become real artists by finding out how to mix colors together to create masterpieces and works of art
  • You will love the ability you have to bring pictures to life and then animating them.  This app has some fun features and things you can do to tweak all of your paintings


This is not just another paint app; it actually helps kids to create some beautiful color schemes and then shows them how they did it.  This app is a great way for your kids to be able to learn their color wheels and make sure that they are learning important lessons while still having fun.  There are a lot of different apps for kids out there and this one specifically focuses on learning colors and mixing them.  They will feel like they are real artists and will help to encourage their creative sides.  This is a great way to help your kids get some balance and help spark their imaginations.

The app has been given a rating of 3 ½ out of5 stars by different users and is actually pretty cheap to download, coming in at $0.99 to put it on your iPhone.