Zombieville USA – iPhone Apps


The world has been taken over by zombies, and you are the lone survivor.  In the Zombieville USA iPhone app you will be taking on the role of a redneck country boy who has an affinity for guns, you will walk through the town to kill zombies and look for spare change.  There are over fifteen different weapons that you can collect through the game and each of those can be upgraded to a certain extent.  This side scrolling adventure will take you past houses with swarms of the undead lurking around.  Take out your shotgun and blast a path through and collect money along the way.  You can even loot houses as you pass them to find even more cash.

The weapons are fun to use and include rocket launchers, laser guns, swords, shotguns and much more.  You will use all of these as you struggle to survive in ZombieLand!  The game offers some great graphics and even better gameplay to give you the feel of a classic arcade, but having exceptional features.  The game does a great job of utilizing the touchscreen capabilities of the iPhone and takes you on an interesting adventure of violence, money, and survival!


  • There are fifteen different weapons to choose from as you progress through the game.  These weapons include shotguns, chainsaws, flamethrowers, katanas, laser guns, and even rocket launchers
  • Gameplay is super simple, but has a lot more going for it than you would think.  You have the ability to manage all of your cash and ammo, because if you don’t you will get eaten by the ravenous zombies
  • The touch screen controls help enhance the gameplay and allow you to learn the game quickly
  • The game has some very fun graphics and a side scrolling view
  • The game automatically saves your progress so you don’t have to worry about beating a level before exiting the app to answer a call
  • There is a trailer on www.zombievilleusa.com for more information on features


A fun 2D adventure for any classic arcade game lover.  The game plays well and is very fun for the most part.  The only downside to the game is that once you get near the end you will have more money then you have things to  buy.  If they had a few more weapon upgrades available then this would have made it a lot more fun to play over and over again.  Not bad for what they had to work with.

Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $1.99.

Talking Carl iPhone app Review


This is one of those fun iPhone apps that will just have you on the floor laughing.  This is Talking Carl, the iphone app companion and comic relief.  The Talking Carl app provides you with a funny way to pass the time with your friends and family.  The way this app works is that Carl will essentially repeat anything you say to him in a funny voice.  You can also poke him, tickle him, or pinch him to get him to make different sounds or even start laughing.

One thing to note, however, is that this app does not work well on the iPod Touch.  It is mostly recommended for the iPhone, but if you only have an iPod Touch you can make it work as long as you have earphones that have a mic on them so Carl knows what he is repeating.

There are a lot of different things that you can do with Carl to have a good time.  You can tickle him and make him start laughing hysterically.  You can poke his eyes and he will yell at you and tell you to stop.  You can make him growl by pinching him over and over again.  You can talk to him and listen to him repeat your sentences back to you in a crazy voice.  Also, if you leave him too long to himself he will start to grumble at you.

While this app may appeal to younger users, it can be for people of any age.  It is a great way to get a few laughs, or just to keep your kids interested while you go about your daily errands.  The only challenge will be to try and get the phone back from them once they start playing with it.


  • An extremely funny playback voice
  • There are a lot of different sounds that Carl will make including screams, growls, grumbles, and different laughs
  • The feedback is instant, which makes Talking Carl a very interactive app for any user
  • You can pinch, tap, or tickle Carl, and there are a variety of different sounds to these multiple inputs
  • He has both greetings and farewells and will ask you to take care of him if you forget about him for too long without talking to him.


A great way to keep your kids busy while you are going about your daily business.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.

Music ID with Lyrics iPhone app Review

Description Music ID App:

This iPhone app is extremely easy to use and it is very effective.  Have you ever been in the car, heard a song come on the radio and wished you knew who sang it?  It happens to everybody.  Well now with the Music ID with Lyrics iPhone app you can always find out who the artist is!  All you have to do is pick up the iPhone, turn on the app and hold it up to the speakers so that it can hear the music coming out.  Within seconds you will be told what the name of the song is, who the artist is, and even what they lyrics are!  This app is very similar to Shazam, only it offers more features than other music identifying iPhone apps.  You will love having the ability to identify any song that you hear.  It will allow you to research the artists you really like and introduce yourself to new music you may have otherwise not been able to find.

One of the greatest parts about this app is its ability to bring up song lyrics once it has identified the song.  This is especially great when a song comes on the radio that you love but you aren’t sure if you are singing the right words.  This way you can easily look up the lyrics and stop being shy about singing the parts where you made up imaginary words to match the sounds that you hear.  You will spend countless hours of fun identifying and singing along to your favorite music

Last of all, MusicID also has the ability to bring up any other related media about the song from YouTube.  You can get artist videos, spoofs, and so much more just by holding the phone up to the speakers.  There is so much that comes in this app that it is a hard one to pass up so get it today!


  • Hold the phone up to any song and it will identify any audible music
  • Has the ability to display the song’s lyrics, the biographies of the artists, as well as any youtube videos that might be related to the song or the band
  • Can be integrated with the iPod.  You can view the song on your iPod as it is playing
  • Allows you to search for songs by lyrics, artist names, or by song title


One of the better music identifying apps on the iPhone.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.

Phone Tracker iPhone app – Smartphone Apps Review


There was a time when finding individual people on that planet was almost impossible.  However, with the advancement of technology and the global network of satellite driven cell phones, it is now a reality!  The Phone Tracker iPhone app lets you locate anyone’s phone…. as long as they are with you when you start tracking it.

This app is actually very easy to use.  It is as simple as typing in your friends’ phone number, launching the search, and then finding the phone!  This is one of those iPhone apps that is meant to impress your friends and nothing else.  The app appears to be able to find any phone in any location on the planet, but in reality it only finds the location of your own phone.  You can use this app once to impress your friends, and twice to show them that it is a hoax.  The best way to go about it is to only search for their phone or anyone else that is currently with you, otherwise the gig is up.

This app does require an internet connection because it will actually find the location of your phone and it allows for zoom functions and the illustrations show that it is actually finding the phone that you are searching for.  It really does create the illusion that it can find any phone, which will most certainly amaze anyone that is with you during the time that you use it.


  • Requires an internet connection
  • Can locate your phone individually
  • Has a great zooming feature and location screen to present the illusion of actually finding your friend’s phone.


Unless you have a lot of different friends that take things for face value and don’t ask any follow-up questions, you can use this app once on each of them.  But if not then it is almost completely worthless.  Don’t spend your money on this app as you will never use it enough to make it worth a dollar, unless there is a friend who is extremely gullible that you are just dying to prank.  It has literally no features, and is completely centered around providing a quick “wow” from your friends and then the secret is out.  There are other apps that are similar but offer many more features than this one does.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is currently available for download for $0.99.

Tetris iPhone App Review


If you love puzzle games, then you likely already have downloaded this app or are planning to buy it.  The Tetris iPhone app is one of the most paid downloads out there for mobile devices.  Iphone apps users have already downloaded over a million copies and it has made Tetris one of the most popular and recognized games of the puzzle industry.

The idea of Tetris is fairly simple.  You have a rectangular board you are working on, and you have to guide different shaped pieces down into the rectangle to form straight lines across.  As soon as you connect all the way across, that line is dissolved, opening up new options for other pieces.  The more lines you dissolve the higher your score and so on.  A “Tetris” is when you fill an entire five line block and dissolve it at the same time.  you get the most points for this, and are always aiming for it.  As you dissolve a certain number of lines you will increase levels which will change your environment and also the difficulty of the game.  The farther you go, the faster the pieces fall down, and the quicker you have to make a decision of where to place them.

Tetris is addicting and a great way to exercise brain power.  This is a great mobile version that everyone can enjoy.    The developers have done a few things to keep this remake fresh and new to all gamers.  First of all, you can either listen to the background music and sound effects or you can listen to your own iTunes library while playing the game.  Next, there are a lot of different modes to choose from.  You can pick the Classic mode which brings you back to the basics.  Rotate your blocks, slide them, and drop them into place using the unique touchscreen interface.   There is also a magic mode which has five different versions included in it.

Last of all you can get online and track your high scores and other top ranked Tetris players.  This puzzle game has quite a competitive market, so in order to be the best you have to be pretty quick!


  • A variety of  different modes to choose from, including Classic Marathon Mode and Magic Mode
  • Classic Marathon Mode involves all of the basics of tetris
  • Magic Mode has five different versions:  Bubble Wrap, Minimizer, Smashdown, Magic Crayon, and Wrecking Ball
  • Online score board so you can check stats and high scores
  • Can listen to iTunes while playing the app instead of the background music


Still one of the very best puzzle games out there.  The gameplay is smooth and the touchscreen gives you a unique look into the game.

Voted4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $4.99.