Phone Tracker iPhone app – Smartphone Apps Review


There was a time when finding individual people on that planet was almost impossible.  However, with the advancement of technology and the global network of satellite driven cell phones, it is now a reality!  The Phone Tracker iPhone app lets you locate anyone’s phone…. as long as they are with you when you start tracking it.

This app is actually very easy to use.  It is as simple as typing in your friends’ phone number, launching the search, and then finding the phone!  This is one of those iPhone apps that is meant to impress your friends and nothing else.  The app appears to be able to find any phone in any location on the planet, but in reality it only finds the location of your own phone.  You can use this app once to impress your friends, and twice to show them that it is a hoax.  The best way to go about it is to only search for their phone or anyone else that is currently with you, otherwise the gig is up.

This app does require an internet connection because it will actually find the location of your phone and it allows for zoom functions and the illustrations show that it is actually finding the phone that you are searching for.  It really does create the illusion that it can find any phone, which will most certainly amaze anyone that is with you during the time that you use it.


  • Requires an internet connection
  • Can locate your phone individually
  • Has a great zooming feature and location screen to present the illusion of actually finding your friend’s phone.


Unless you have a lot of different friends that take things for face value and don’t ask any follow-up questions, you can use this app once on each of them.  But if not then it is almost completely worthless.  Don’t spend your money on this app as you will never use it enough to make it worth a dollar, unless there is a friend who is extremely gullible that you are just dying to prank.  It has literally no features, and is completely centered around providing a quick “wow” from your friends and then the secret is out.  There are other apps that are similar but offer many more features than this one does.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is currently available for download for $0.99.

Tetris iPhone App Review


If you love puzzle games, then you likely already have downloaded this app or are planning to buy it.  The Tetris iPhone app is one of the most paid downloads out there for mobile devices.  Iphone apps users have already downloaded over a million copies and it has made Tetris one of the most popular and recognized games of the puzzle industry.

The idea of Tetris is fairly simple.  You have a rectangular board you are working on, and you have to guide different shaped pieces down into the rectangle to form straight lines across.  As soon as you connect all the way across, that line is dissolved, opening up new options for other pieces.  The more lines you dissolve the higher your score and so on.  A “Tetris” is when you fill an entire five line block and dissolve it at the same time.  you get the most points for this, and are always aiming for it.  As you dissolve a certain number of lines you will increase levels which will change your environment and also the difficulty of the game.  The farther you go, the faster the pieces fall down, and the quicker you have to make a decision of where to place them.

Tetris is addicting and a great way to exercise brain power.  This is a great mobile version that everyone can enjoy.    The developers have done a few things to keep this remake fresh and new to all gamers.  First of all, you can either listen to the background music and sound effects or you can listen to your own iTunes library while playing the game.  Next, there are a lot of different modes to choose from.  You can pick the Classic mode which brings you back to the basics.  Rotate your blocks, slide them, and drop them into place using the unique touchscreen interface.   There is also a magic mode which has five different versions included in it.

Last of all you can get online and track your high scores and other top ranked Tetris players.  This puzzle game has quite a competitive market, so in order to be the best you have to be pretty quick!


  • A variety of  different modes to choose from, including Classic Marathon Mode and Magic Mode
  • Classic Marathon Mode involves all of the basics of tetris
  • Magic Mode has five different versions:  Bubble Wrap, Minimizer, Smashdown, Magic Crayon, and Wrecking Ball
  • Online score board so you can check stats and high scores
  • Can listen to iTunes while playing the app instead of the background music


Still one of the very best puzzle games out there.  The gameplay is smooth and the touchscreen gives you a unique look into the game.

Voted4 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $4.99.

Alarm Clock Pro iPhone app Review


The Alarm Clock Pro iphone app is one of the top paid utility apps across the world!  It is an alarm clock, but also so much more!  This little smartphone app is packed with so many features you won’t know what to do with yourself!  The Alarm Clock Pro allows you to have complete customization of your alarm clock as well as allowing you to pick a song or playlist from your library to wake up to.  It also has a feature to gradually fade into the playlist so you are not rudely awakened, but rather wake up slowly and peacefully so you are ready to tackle the day ahead of you.

The Alarm Clock Pro app also has a large LCD display to mess around with and even can be used as a flashlight by simply shaking the phone.


  • The LCD display has gorgeous colors and graphics to choose from as you customize it
  • You can pick either a 25 or 12 hour format for the clock
  • You can have the clock show seconds
  • There is an auto-lock mode that is customizable
  • Can display in both vertical and horizontal  modes
  • Has 7 different alarm sounds to choose from.  They include: High Tone, Old Clock, Cuckoo, Electronic, School Bell, Digital, and Classic
  • Individualize your alarm with your own song or playlist of your choice
  • Has a big snooze for heavier sleepers, and also a button to turn off the alarm
  • A variety of alarms can be supported
  • Customize the length of the snooze feature
  • Can have vibration in addition to your ringtone to wake you up
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Both Music Fade in and Music Fade out options so that you can fall asleep to music and gradually wake up to it
  • Alarm works in both silent and locked iphone modes
  • Even has a flashlight mode that can be turned on by shaking the phone
  • If you flick up the side of the screen you can toggle the screen brightness


This smartphone app is just packed with features.  Who knew an alarm clock could be so all-inclusive?  This is one of those iPhone apps that goes above and beyond your expectations.  It is extremely easy to use, and is fully customizable.  One of the nice things is that the developer has some great ideas for updates that are coming out soon.  Some of these future updates would be to add more themes for the clock, and also to have music with a sleep timer.  This was you can fall asleep as your music gradually plays and then goes off.  These are just additional features to an already packed app.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and costs around $0.99.

Final Fantasy iPhone App Review


The first edition of Final Fantasy was released in 1987 in Japan.  This was the first game of a long line of games that have been known for incredible story lines and addicting gameplay.  One of the very first really successful RPG’s out there, Final Fantasy paved the way for a number of other franchises that have also become famous.  But even though there have been spin-offs, the original Final Fantasy franchise is still heralded as one of the most compelling and rich game franchises in video game history.

When this game was first released to the public in 1987, gamers were blown away by the amazing graphics and the detailed story.   The story takes place around a cast of lovable characters.  The Warriors of Light must be helped as they set out on a fantastic adventure to go out into the dangerous wilderness and bring the crystals back to their original light.  It features 2D side battles and allows players to use the unique abilities of each of the characters in order to defeat enemies.  Each character has his or her own upgrades and weapons that they can carry.  This allows you to spend a lot of time upgrading each individual character.

You also have the ability to control lineups, magic powers, and items.  There are hundreds of different items, spells, and weapons you can use as you progress through your journey.  The world that you play on is huge, and you will find yourself playing for hours and hours in order to finish the game.  The bosses are challenging, and you will have to seek out harder enemies to claim more gold and buy new and improved weapons.  Work your way through the world and collect all the crystals in order to bring peace to the world once again!

This edition also contains the bonus dungeons added to later editions of the game–the Soul of Chaos and the Labyrinth of Time.


  • Classic remake of one of the most influential games of all time
  • Includes 2 new bonus dungeon levels.  They include the Soul of Chaos and the Labyrinth of Time
  • Lots of different items, weapons, spells, and armor to choose from
  • Fully upgrade your characters as you gain money from battles
  • Hours of gameplay and smooth transitions


Anyone that likes video games has come across this incredible franchise before.  Final Fantasy pretty much started the RPG genre.  The only problem with this remake is the readable text.  It is inconsistent and sometimes way too small.  But other than that this is a classic, and it would be a shame to not own it.

Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and runs for around $8.99.

Fling! iPhone App Review


The makers of Fuzzle have come together to bring you the next big puzzle game app to arrive on the iPhone.  After a year or two in development, Fling! has finally come to fruition and is bound to provide you with hours of challenging levels and puzzling feats.  There are thousands of different puzzles to pick from on the game, so many that you never have to worry about playing the same puzzle twice.  To add to that, there are also 19 different difficulty levels for you to work up to as you become a master puzzler.

The main point of Fling! is to flick the little fuzzy balls in such a way that only one fur ball is left on the screen after they have all bumped themselves off.  This is a game of strategy and patience.  The more puzzles that you play, the easier it will be to guess trajectories and reach your ultimate goal.  Each puzzle board only has one solution, so until you find it you will be flinging these fur balls all over the place.

The game offers three different gameplay modes to choose from.   The most popular is the arcade mode because it is a race against the clock and you have to solve as many puzzles you can in the time allotted.  After each puzzle win, the next puzzle will be harder to do.  This is a great one for posting high scores and rankings online to see how you fare against other players.  Free-Play is another mode that lets you just play however long you want, and it also keeps track of your score and the puzzles you have done.  Once you have beaten a puzzle on this mode you can go back to any of them at any time to replay.  The last mode is the Challenge Mode, which forces you to complete each puzzle within a certain time in order to move on.  This is a great one to play if you want to try and beat your own high scores.


  • A variety of hints to help you get past the puzzle levels when  you can’t figure out how to do it
  • You can either listen to the game music, or switch it to your iTunes library
  • There are instructions and gameplay tips on Youtube
  • If you need to leave the app quickly, it automatically saves your game so you don’t have to start all the way over
  • Can check global and local leaders online for the arcade mode


Newest update just came out this week so no official customer reviews from iPhone app users but costs $0.99.