Sworkit: Workouts & Plans iPhone App Review

Sworkit: Workouts & Plans for iPhone is a fitness and workout app that finally will get you moving if not for gym. The app is most fitness freaks favorite ones where you can choose the length of your workout and get sweating and panting. Anybody from fitness pro to beginners can try and get benefited by the workout programs. Workout plans set by American College of Sports Medicine, the standards are high in areas like safety, stretching and progression and based on fitness level the plans are charted.  

Enjoy working out and staying fit and healthy

Sworkit: Workouts & Plans iPhone app has a goal and it is to make the world filled with fit and healthier people. The app has a 6 week program to get you in shape. You could get to be leaner, fitter or stronger. The plans vary for beginners, intermediate and advanced.  You can do the workouts anywhere anytime without giving any kind of excuses. It has a huge database of exercises which is about 100+ pre built exercise with variations of over 300.It is an easy solution for fitness. No complicated exercise, no equipment.

The variety of exercises will keep you away from boredom. The workouts are planned based on your schedule and time available. You just need to specify the time and the app will fill it with exercises that best suit your fitness level and the given time. You can also build your own custom workouts or also ask for real trainer for advice and guidance. Specialized packages include workouts without sweating, strength training, cardio, workouts for reducing specific body parts and so on.

Best Workout Program App

Sworkit: Workouts & Plans for iPhone is like the fitness couch, who constantly pushing you forward and guiding you to better your body. You don’t need any equipment to practice the exercise, just little space and a minimum of five minutes from your busy schedule. This best suits an athlete, travelers, home makers, young and old alike. The app is available for a free 30 day trial after which you need to opt for subscription costing $4.99. Both the subscriptions are auto renewing.

Toontastic 3D iPhone App Review

Toontastic 3D for iPhone is a digital storytelling app that lets you draw, animate, and narrate stories with your own cartoon. It is a powerful and engaging tool which provides tools to create your imaginative characters. You need to create your own animation and narration to tell your story. And, it is as easy as playing. Move characters around and record your voice, the app stores it on your device as a video. A complicated process of making an animated short movie is made so simple and visually appealing.

Draw, animate and narrate comics and cartoons

Toontastic 3D for iPhone is for the entire family and friends. You design, create and animate and then share it to the world. The app provides three story options, short story, classic story and science report. Each option has the format followed in which story narration is envisioned. The format is set, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution. There is a brief overview about each plot points. You can use the tools and 3D characters present in the app to bring out comic strips and cartoon stories. Also, design your own characters by using the simple drawing tools. To add movements to the animation, tap record and move the characters and objects as per the story line. Narrate the story and use the tools to bring life to the characters. Lastly, add a music score or a voice over narration.

These pieces of animation can be combined to form one video. Just tap and drag to add movement and animate the characters. The science report option is more complicated and makes kids get familiar with the scientific processes. Music can be added with variations in the intensity that suits the mood of the scene. At the end of it, kids make a short story they can be proud of.

Create Wonderful Comics and Cartoons

Toontastic 3D for iPhone is a creative and playful way to create short movies, photo albums, news reports, designs and anything else that pops in your mind. A creative platform for storytelling where the kids are the director and run the show. It is a flexible and easy to use storytelling app that looks and also sounds great. The app is free to download and required iOS 9.0 or later.

Filmborn – Better Photos iPhone App Review

Filmborn for iPhone is a camera app that lets you use the native camera of the device and apply the edit features of the app. On the contrary, the app also has an in-app camera that can also be used which has more functionality than the device camera. There is no need to import images as the app connects to the library and can access photos. It is delight to professional and amateur photographers. Filmborn is an app for better photos in less time.

Shoot the picture perfect shot with Filmborn

Filmborn for iPhone is feature rich with clean and simple interface. The live preview enables you to compose and expose photos as you preview with a preset applied. This will help you click the perfect shot. The gestures are easily mastered. You just need to slide up and down to adjust exposure and left right to set the white balance. You can keep these features turned on as you click with live preview to achieve a zero click edit. The true to film presets has no comparison with any other app for its timeless look of real film for each shot.

The highlight clipping tool can preserve details of the highlights. This tool let’s you find out where all the highlights are being replaced by pure white. You can lower the exposure of that area to bring back the details. Filmborn app provides three custom cameras and each can be configured for your specific tasks. Select a different viewfinder, virtual lens and a film preset from the configuration panel for each camera and switch between them by just tapping.

Better photos. Less Time

Filmborn iPhone app gives a stylish classy look to your photographs. The app is light on your battery life and your work is always safe. It is designed to bridge the gap of film photography with digital advancements. It encourages people to film movies by seamlessly blending the world of films with technology. There are detailed specifications on each film stock that helps users learn about real films and how effectively it can be shot. The app costs $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

Fing – Network Tools Android App Review

Fing for Android is a network scanning app that quickly scans your network. It is a top ranking app used by millions around the world. It can be easily used by professionals as well as home makers. If you have ever wondered who was using away your Wi-Fi network, this app will help you do just that. It helps you keep tabs in how many devices are present in your network setup and how much of bandwidth each has been taking of the Wi-Fi, and find intruders and other network security risks.

Scan and protect your networking system

Fing for Android is a superfast network scanner that offers network scanning of local subnet, device port scanning. The app resolves issues by testing available connectivity to local or remote address. It provides a better way to keep track of growing list of devices at home and in office as you manage multiple system. It detects devices you need to track and gives them a known identifier. You can rename these devices and choose an icon from its vast library. You can also give it a location to help you track better.

Fing app not only detects the devices but also keeps track of the history of devices. Data like over time, event logs, offline and online times and so on are kept track off. This also aids in diagnosing potential issues on the network. Ping to test the connectivity of these devices and also scan for open ports that are vulnerable. Devices can be tagged as critical or favorite and you will find that in the list of devices. Critical devices can be actively monitored and the app will notify you if there are any change in the status if the devices.


Fing for Android, with more than a dozen network tools, is one of the best scanning tools that also protect the network. It is one of the best performing scanners that easily troubleshoots network issues. It is a must have network utility when you have a series of devices accessing your network. The app is free to download and works well on devices running Android 4.1 and up.

Camera FV-5 Android App Review

Camera FV-5 for Android is a professional camera app that brings DSLR technology to your finger tips. The app that ignites your imagination and creativity is tailored to suit photography enthusiasts, whether a professional or an amateur. The app processes raw photographs and gives them a stunning makeover akin to any of the DSLR cameras. Photographic settings are now within your reach, it is not just filters, but also ISO, white balance, exposure, compensation and metering.

Click the perfect shot with DSLR equipped smartphone

Camera FV-5 for Android is a complete point and shoot camera app that strives to offer complete control over the device. The user interface can be viewed in 30 different languages. All photographic settings are customizable and quite simple to use. The viewfinder is similar to DSLR camera. You can see the exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV. Exposure bracketing from 3 to 7 frames is available with unlimited stops spacing and custom EV shifting. The app displays 35mm equivalent focal length of zoom using pinch gesture. Beautiful night photos and light trails can be shot with up to 30 seconds of long exposure.

Camera FV-5 app has built in intervalometer that creates stunning time-lapse pictures that is also time controlled. There are infinite focus modes like the autofocus, cacti, touch to focus, true manual focus and so on. The app allows s smooth, uninterrupted operation of all the camera settings while working with an image. Metadata support is available for EXIF and XMP. The pictures can be saved in jpeg, 16 bit DNG format, and png. These formats are lossless and are editable. You can store the images anywhere and the file names are fully customizable. Camera FV-5 app costs $2.99 to download from Play Store.


Camera FV-5 for Android is an excellent choice if you have an eye for photography and you want to practice the DSLR technique before giving in for a real, expensive DSLR camera. It also shows the exact settings the device used for a shot so you could learn his it works on the photo and experiment different settings.