Radon – Share using Ultrasound Android App Review

Radon – Share using Ultrasound is a free Android application which is developed as a data sharing application between the devices. It works without the need of pairing, scanning the QR code or using network connection to transfer data just like other apps do. It uses a new method of sharing links between devices that is sharing using ultrasound technology. It enables the user to share links to everyone nearby rather than sending data to one by one.


After the installation of Radon app the user can provide the QR code in the application or can share it through other mediums for others to install. It works on the basis of Google nearby API which is a platform for discovering and communicating with nearby devices without the need of internet. It finds the devices nearby by using WiFi, Bluetooth and ultrasonic sound. The sound waves from the application is above the frequency level that the humans can hear. It can’t be used to share multimedia such as photos and videos but can share links of web pages, videos, photos etc. There is no need of providing our information of signing in into the app. It also works normally on devices which lacks NFC (Near Field Communication). Select the link that needed to be shared and tell others to open the app for sharing. It is an effective app for sharing small amount of data to a group of people. One of the main issue is that it doesn’t have the option to choose selected people to be sent rather it sends data to all users of this app nearby.

Radon – Share using Ultrasound Android App Review


The concept and idea of the developers is appreciable for using ultrasound tech which is the latest innovation in android field. Radon app for Android requires internet access for its function and there are also problems in sharing for users using different android versions. The app requires permission to view network connections and to Google Play billing service. It mainly works on Google nearby platform. This app will bring a change in sharing platforms if it can bring new features and solve current errors by bringing updates often.   

Todoist: Organize your life iPhone App Review

Todoist for iPhone is a task management app that keeps track of daily tasks, it could be simple outing to a big budget project, it is all taken care off really well. Enjoy peace of mind and the fact that you know more forget a thing let you be more calm and controlled. The app takes out all the tasks from your thoughts into the to-do list and you will end up managing the task anytime anywhere.

Be your best and manage yourself pretty well

Todoist for iPhone has a clean and simple interface with excellent collaboration and classification tools. It is a robust software that can be applied for individuals, small team, and corporates. You can manage anything from a shopping list to big projects with big teams. The app is available for ten+ different platforms with a maximum of 80 active projects. There is a limit of five people per project. Easily enter data with intelligent input and pin favorite projects, label, and also search filters. Add reminders based on time or location.  Add comments or notes fit each and every tasks.

Todoist iPhone App

Filters provide advanced search and sorting of tasks across all projects.  You can add proper context and a visual appeal to each task by adding labels to them. View all the tasks for the next seven or three days based on how you want it. You can type out the tasks in simple language set a reminder, priority, label and assign the task and you are done.

Assign Errands & Achieve Goals

Todoist for iPhone never gives you the chance to get overwhelmed with the burden of organizing and managing all your tasks. You never have to worry about forgetting. It brings in the right tools to motivate you so you could achieve your goals. It helps you get things done in a way you will not realize any kind of burden. Manage tasks anytime, anywhere with data synced to all your devices. The basic version of the app is free for a trial period and offers in app purchases for monthly and yearly subscription of the premium version.

Castbox iPhone Podcast Player App Review

Castbox for iPhone is an app that takes on the role of a primary podcast player.  Podcasting is back in vogue and it is one main source of information and entertainment. Castbox has everything you need, you just have to name it. The app lets you find, save, download and listen to unlimited podcast, audiobooks, FM and radio. Search for the best podcast that has your topic of interest. The collection of podcast covers as many genres than what you expect. For people who love to listen to what is happening around the world then tune in to the numerous radio stations it offers.

Listen, listen and listen to your hearts content

Castbox for iPhone has over 340, 000 free podcasts that covers genres like arts, business, drama, spirituality, science, fitness, health and more. If you are a news freak who wants to stay abreast with there are enough and more radio channels. You get to hear news and commentary from stations around the globe in real time. It is also a good marketing platform for local stations to garner audiences towards local products. Search and select podcasts and you can either stream them or download them so you can listen later.

Castbox iPhone Podcast Player App Review

Playlist can be personalized based on your liking. You can set it to play continuously that lets your favorite as you workout, commute, relax, or at kitchen without any interruption. Based on your choices you will get personalized recommendations. Powerful search engine allows you to find the right choices and easily stream or download them. The app supports smart speakers including Apple Homepod, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Sonos. The app syncs well with multiple devices. Sleep timer let’s you fall asleep when it’s time.

Ultimate Podcast App for Podcast Fans

Castbox for iPhone delivers everything you want. Discover unlimited number of podcasts and subscribe those that match your taste. You get to be imaginative listening to creative content and lose the habit of staring at your screen while you travel. Castbox brightens any given day with its interesting array of channels. The app is available for free to download with in-app purchases for various subscriptions.

PowerDirector Video Editor Android App Review

PowerDirector for Android is a video editing app with a comprehensive production suite that is feature rich with consumer level tools. It is one of the best video editing software with a powerful multiple track for slick video editing. You will find ample free video effects, slow motion effects and reverse video that can be instantly applied to the video to make all the difference. Make professional videos with action movie effects and a great voice over. Easily make collages that can be shared with family and friends.

Make photos, collages, videos, and more

PowerDirector Video Editor for Android produces 4k HD videos that can be easily shared with others. Just like any other video editing app, you can import, edit, crop, and export ultra resolution video footages. It provides you with multiple out of the box ways to create fresh and bold effects on the clips. The interface is simple and fairly easy to handle by a novice or a professional. Get to the next level video production with cutting edge video editing tools using your phones and tablets.Add stunning video effects with smooth transition and great voice over. Rotate, trim or split the clips with quick taps.

PowerDirector Video Editor Android App Review

Import clips on to the sleek time line. Drag and drop controls for adding video effects. Create transparencies in videos and layer effects with chroma key selectors. Use of blue or green screen to add more effects with reality. Easily edit background and have a new environment for your video. Make picture collage and video collage with best of your pictures and clips. Also, add the perfect music to create the best of videos.

Powerful Video Editing App

PowerDirector for Android has the choicest of effects that is great for both photo and video editing. From photo collages to professional video singles, you can get to do anything with simple images and clips. It is the fastest way to convert photos and clips to beautiful and impressive outputs. The advanced tools allow professionals and hobbyists to create one of the best videos with great effects. This powerful app is free to download from Google Play Store.

Battery Widget Reborn Android App Review

Battery Widget Reborn for Android is one of the nicest looking battery apps which is used to monitor your battery and help you save. It has a stylish widget that lets you access advanced functionality with ease. The app has a nice circle battery meter with a holo theme interface that displays battery statistics and other information. The resizable widget can be fit anywhere on the screen. Statistics include information on how long it takes to fully charge and how long the battery lasts.

An elegant battery caretaker

Battery Widget Reborn for Android has a material themed interface with great features required of a battery saving app. It has a beautifully designed Widget that can adorn any screen with a cute circle battery level indicator that supports main and external dock battery. All details are summarized and you will find shortcuts to information on power, background sync, WiFi, and BT settings. The app displays status bar notification of battery status. Know how long the battery lasts, voltage, temperature and battery health. It is completely customizable with multiple icons and fonts. Simple yet powerful battery saving functionality that saves power while you are asleep is available, the automatic power saving mode.

Battery Widget Reborn Android App Review

A charging and discharging chart can be easily understood and acts as a notification for your battery power. Details about other power related toggles like wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode also finds its place in the chart. Tools like torch, shortcuts and dash clock extensions are also available. The app in itself is highly optimized and hence does not drain your battery power. There are three versions available, free, pro and classic. The pro version is priced $4.33.


Battery Widget Reborn for Android is currently in beta and has been incorporating features and changes in every updates. The app works fine on Android 2.3 and more. It’s the best in the market if you want to keep an eye on your battery life of you smartphones, tablets and other devices. It has the auto flight mode that saves battery at night.