GATM Meme Generator Android App Review

GATM Meme Generator for Android is a meme creation app using which you can easily create, view and share memes. It is said that a good meme is worth a thousand words and just an Android device is all you need to create one. All you need is a bit of imagination to create an original memes that would become an internet sensation. The meme culture has taken over the world of Facebook, Subreddits, Twitter and even personal correspondence.

Get creative with Memes

GATM Meme Generator for Android has a pleasant user interface offers most of the current popular memes. It comes pre-loaded with over 700 high resolution images. The app has it all, from socially awkward penguin to actual advice mallard, Success kid, Confession Bear, Bad luck Brian and others. Meme can either be viewed in a list or grid format. It displays live preview as you create and edit the meme. GATM Meme Generator allows you to create your own images that can be used for memes. Content in the app can be easily browsed, searched and sorted. You can also shortlist your favorite memes. The content is updated daily and the app is really fast.

GATM Meme Generator allows you to easily share your creations with your friends or upload them to leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. The app needs permissions to access internet for downloading meme images and texts, to access network state to check if network is available, to write into external storage of the device for storing meme images. The app does not upload any content that you create without your knowledge. The app requires Android 4.4 and up. There are In-app Products which costs around $1.99.


GATM Meme Generator for Android is free and hence you can stay entertained by creating thousands of memes that would be a hit and browse and enjoy these memes by sharing it with your friends.

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TripMate – Trip Expense Manager Android App Review

Managing your expenses in a trip is always a difficult task. No matter how much you plan early, still you will end up spending more if you are not careful. Enter TripMate – A Trip Expense Manager for Android, the feature-rich travel expense manager specially designed for group travelers. It help you to manage your expenses better. You may download TripMate for free from Google Play Store.

Make Your Trip Enjoyable and Comfortable

TripMate Trip Expense Manager for Android is perhaps the first expense manager app customized for travelers. It has many features to manage your business and personal trip expenses without any hassles. You will be able to stay on top of the budget all the time. TripMate frees you from all the annoying calculations while in the trip and save your valuable time. TripMate app categorizes your purchases and expenses so you can quickly see how much of your budget is being eaten up by food of if your travel costs are taking you for a ride. If you are a in a group trip, you can view the expense made by each one of your teammates anytime. You can also add or remove persons in the middle of a trip. If you are someone who travels a lot, you might have lots of trips and associated expenses in the app. For easiness, you can create a shortcut for each trip to access it easily.

What makes TripMate for Android a delight to use is its wonderful UI. In one glance, you can see how much each one in your group is spending. You can also visualize the expenses in the form of easy to comprehend graphs. Booking hotels/flights can be done from within the app. It is also possible to sort the trips by date, amount and name. Last but not the least, you can share detailed reports and search trips from the trip list. It is also slick and responsive.

Feature-Rich Travel Expense Manager App

TripMate Trip Expense Manager Android app is a simple, intuitive, and feature-rich travel expense manager specially designed for group travelers. Its friendly UI helps you to find individual expenses as well as total amount spent in one glance. Search and sort features come handy. The ability to add notes/checklist is a nice touch. We found the app to be stable as well. Check it out if you are in the lookout for a robust expense manager to assist you in your trips.

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Amaze File Manager Android App Review

Amaze File Manager for Android is a simple and attractive file manager app available in Google Play Store. It is an open source application that focuses on lighter experience for the users. The only purpose of this app is browsing and interacting with files. It uses default applications of your system for basic file operation and does not load the app with unnecessary function. This file management tool lets you explore all directories on your Android device, move files and folders, rename documents, copy and paste files and much more.

Sharing Files Made Easy

Amaze File Manager for Android boasts of a more than respectable interface and great features. The interface is clean, simple and elegant and can be customized. You have option to change the apps entire color scheme of the interface. It has a good collection of themes and cool icons and also has navigation drawer for quick navigation. It follows material design guidelines and operates really fast. You can work on multiple tabs at the same time. Basic file operations like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract are easily accessible. Amaze File Manager comes with advanced features like, FTP server, Root explorer, SMB client and App manager. You can quickly access history, bookmarks or search for any file. Built in FTP server allows easy access to your phone file system from another device. As FTP protocol is encrypted you must be careful when using it on untrusted networks. The built in root explorer allows you to access system files.

The SMB sharing feature allows it to connect to SMB shares like samba, windows shared folders. All you need to do is press the + button, Cloud Connection, then SMB Connection. The quick browse box displays short cuts to directories you use most often. This makes accessing files quite easy. App manager lets you take a look at all the apps you have installed and open, back up or delete them if you want to free some memory in your device.


Amaze File Manager for Android is a free, simple, but powerful file manager with no ads or in-app purchases. Being a lightweight app, it incurs no battery usage. You have 24/7 technical support and emails will be answered within 24 hours.

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