MoboPlayer Android App Review

MoboPlayer is a one stop media solution for Android. The app supports most of the audio and video file formats with multiple video codecs that gives unmatched quality. Though technologically advanced, it is still a user friendly player and all features are available in a tap or a swipe. There are various options to customise the user interface and configure playback features. Mobo Player app is a free download from Google Play Store.

Listen, Watch and Enjoy

MoboPlayer for Android takes advantage of the smartphones of today with extended storage capacities and is now the perfect multimedia devices. The app allows users to carry a whole world of entertainment with them anywhere anytime. The player is capable of playing full HD videos flawlessly with so much support for all file formats. The player will automatically download the required codec if your device does not have it. With supported subtitles, you can play formats like DivX, AVI, Windows Media and also MKV files with good quality. Popular subtitle formats and built in formats are well supported by this player. This includes formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA and built in files like MKV, MPV, and MOV. You can either play video in its default size or the app gives the flexibility to change the screen resolution.

Impressive user interface and neatly placed menu options will give users a superlative experience. Adjust volume level and brightness by swiping your fingers on the screen. Easily an access and search video and audio file as it is displayed as thumbnails. Multi audio streaming for video files with different file effects will make your video viewing enjoyable.


MoboPlayer for Android is the perfect player when it comes to video playback on Android and gives users some awesome listening and viewing experience. With high end equalizer, treble modes and adjustable bass, it is pure pleasure to listen to your favourite songs played in great clarity.

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Brain Bumpers iPhone Memory Game App Review

Brain Bumpers for iPhone is a memory game app which is challenging and tests your working memory power. The game has many different levels that tests IQ and train your brain development. It is a perfect way to spend your free time with family and friends and they will love it. Playing the memory games present in the app will improve your IQ and overall brain health.

Bump your Brain Cells to Eternal Health

Brain Bumpers iPhone game is pretty simple to play with. The strategies applied tests your working memory or rather short term memory. The app will show you the bumpers for 3 seconds. You will now have to remember their position in your short term memory. The game will next hide the bumpers will give you a red ball to place. Based on your memory of the bumpers, you have to decide where the red ball will have to land. The interface is simple and minimalistic which is easy to use and play with an ample support for multiplayer environment.

Brain Bumpers app allows retina graphics display support for iPhones and works well with iPhone 5 resolution with iOS 7. It has HD graphics support for iPad that makes it a very smooth and bump free experience. You can access your scores for the games played so far in the game center. There are loads of benefits that have been bestowed upon the users. Apart from training your working memory, it also improves short term memory, concentration and development of cognition skills.

A Game for Overall Brain Health

Brain Bumpers memory game for iPhone is the best way to improve your brain by training your working memory which is called the short-term memory and it is also linked to your IQ and overall well being of your brain. The app is free to download with no in-app purchases.

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TOEFL Preparation & Practice Android App Review

TOEFL Preparation & Practice app for Android is an excellent choice for all aspirants to prepare and practice for this major exam. It is an educational app that can fine tune your listening and reading skills of English as a foreign language and will help you go from a starter to advance level and become an English language expert. It covers the most important words used for the real TOEFL test exam.

Practice and perfect your English

The main features of TOEFL Preparation & Practice Android app include, vocabulary of more than 650+ words, convenient way to learn theses words, word training for a set of words, tests that simulate the real TOEFL exam, new words on a daily basis and random language tests. Vocabulary is divided into 12 different categories that span every important domain. Each category will show you the number of words it contains and you can tap to see the list of words. To learn, tap on each word to listen how it is pronounced and also read a detailed definition of the word. Once you got the hang of it you will need to type it 4 times. The first 3 times you will have suggestions, but the last time you will have to type it in correctly to mark the word as learned. As you complete learning words, you can take up tests.

TOEFL Preparation & Practice Android app has 4 different types of tests you can take: type or choose a word based on the presented description, pick a description that matches a word, use scrambled letters to create a word based on a description and lastly listen and type the word. You will learn every day with new words that get pushed automatically to grab your attention. You can specify the number of daily new words to be shown in the app settings. It will also show a push notification to remind you that it is time to study. You can enable an online spell-checker to verify words as you type them. Also train for a set of words to see how well you master them. The difference between training and testing is that during training you will not be penalized if you get wrong answers. This allows you to practice words without any pressure.


TOEFL Preparation & Practice for Android comes with full definition, sample usage, phonetic/sound pronunciation and much more details as included in the Oxford dictionary. With this app you can learn these words and take language tests to see how well you understand them. The app uses different types of quizzes to make learning interactive. Use it to perfect TOEFL listening, TOEFL reading, TOEFL writing and TOEFL speaking practice.

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