Triller Social Video Platform Android App Review

Triller Social Video Platform Android App lets you create beautiful and flawless videos. You just have click some shots and upload it into the app. It is a perfect entertainment platform made for those who love creating content. Triller is a social video community where one can showcase their skills and garner interest from across the globe. There are millions who have made videos in Triller, which includes, Kevin Hart, Chance the Rapper, Rae Sremmurd, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and more. The app can quickly edit all your takes into a flawless, shareable videos. You just need to take shots and tap on the app.

Enjoy Creative Video Content And Be The Creator

Triller Social Video Platform for Android is a simple and easy to use app that has an interface which is minimalistic and to the point. You can create professional videos within minutes and share it to the world. The unique automatic editing algorithm ensures you waste no time trying to find the perfect cuts. There are more than 100 filters which can be used to personalize your videos. You can add emojis, drawings and text. You get to access top trending videos.

The Triller Android App has library where your creations will be saved. You can choose music tracks from the app or from your music library. You can form groups with people all over the world and form a diverse video community. The video you create can be shared in all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Create professional-looking videos with Triller

Triller Social Video Platform Android App is one of the best entertainment platform meant for creators. You just have to express your passion and connect with the medium you love to portray. There are already so many amazing content in the app like Drake, InMyFeelings. You can create amazing videos, like it can be a music video or any trending challenges. The app provides required tools and features using which you can quickly edit all the videos. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for additional features.

Snack Video Android App Review

Snack Video Android App is used watching funny and entertainment video, downloading our favorite ones instantly, posting our own fantastic moments, making new friends across the globe etc. The app contains endless stream of short videos that helps the users to refresh their minds. The creativity and acting skills of common people can be exhibited through this platform and with the app they can show-off their talents globally. Snack video for android is a free to download app developed by Snack Video for exploring engaging videos.   

Explore most exciting, funny short videos

Snack Video Android App is filled with all types of engaging videos such as mostly funny including prank, news, games, entertainment, pets etc. The app also provides personalized video feed which is based on our interests, for example the type of videos we mostly watch, like and share. The user interface of the app has different options at the bottom including home icon where different short videos can be streamed in which we can like, share, comment, add music   and download videos right from the sidebar. The home icon includes videos that are been in the trending list, videos of our followers and also videos of those who are nearby. We can sign up to the app by either using our mobile number or email id.

We can edit the details in our profile and also can easily upload videos from our gallery where we can add suitable music from online, add stickers, add filters and effects, add text etc. can be done. The name of the video uploaded account and the music used are also displayed corresponding to each video. The interface also consists of icon to search for videos, upload button, notification icon and profile icon to view our profile.

Watch customized videos specifically for you

Snack Video Android App is an entertaining app developed to match up with other short video streaming apps in the app store. The app is available in the Google Play Store and in-app purchase can be done on products using either credit/debit card, internet wallet or by Google play game account wallet. The infinite amount of videos can be discovered from the app and is a great choice for entertainment.  

Via iPhone App Review

Via iPhone App is a maze puzzle game that make players confused and encouraged their level of concentration. The gameplay has been excellent and it develops the puzzle solving skill of the player. The gaming visuals were simple and the graphics promises to the requirement of the game. The puzzles were very much challenging and it definitely will test our critical thinking level. The app is developed by Gonzalo Rodriguez del Cid and is free to download from the app store.

Find your path – Maze puzzle game

The user interface of the game is simple and very much user friendly thereby all users can play the game without any preparations. The developers in the application provides a trial period where the user can play up to first 30 paths that is around 3 journeys. Purchasing the app will give the user the grant to access all paths such as 100 paths in 10 journeys. We can easily understand the gameplay and can surpass first few levels without any difficulty if we have some sort of logical thinking capability. Some paths seems to be really tough and it requires great logical thinking to surpass it.

Another challenge offered by Via iPhone game app is that we need to collect color gems from each path and altogether it makes complete of one journey. This game is a great exercise for our mind and purchasing it for full really is a good choice. Another great advantage is that the application comes up with no ads in both free trial and full purchase period.

Perfect Choice

The Via iPhone App is a great choice for all the puzzle and logical game lovers in iOS platform. The game supports languages such as English, Spanish. The app does not ask for any other data and offers a server to store the information from the users. Navigation, smoothness, gameplay etc. make this app a perfect choice for the users worldwide.   

Noizz Photo Video maker Android App Review

Noizz Photo Video maker Android App formerly known as biugo is a free, in-app purchase android app developed by biugo used for video editing. This app is supported in android devices of android version 4.4 and above can be downloaded from Google Play Store. We can easily create short videos with life oriented effects and themes using this app. We can also easily transform our pics to make stunning short videos and can easily share them with our friends and family or save it to our device.


The Noizz Photo Video maker Android App is been easy to control and the interface is simple so that beginners can also create videos easily. The smart auto cutout feature available in this app is a great help for all video editors because it automatically detects the face or the full body of the model and selection is done only at the required portion. This helps normal users to save a lot of time and selection becomes much perfect than free hand drawing. Another great feature of the app is that allows the user to add their favorite music to their videos from their device. The video effects added in the app are been user preferred such as it includes beautiful video effects such as changing the color of the sky in one second, wishes, flying eagle etc.

The Noizz Photo Video maker for Android also holds a large collection of themes and effects thereby the user can select the magic effects that they wish to add to their pictures. These personalized effects are easy to add with just one tap and new effects and themes are updated every time. After creating interesting videos and photos we can easily share them through social media channels such as Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, YouTube etc.


The Noizz Photo Video maker Android App is easy to use and helps users to create some great memorable moments. The in-app purchases can be done within the app using Google play game balance or internet banking facilities. Unlocking the app provides users a vast variety of features such as tons of filters to choose, 3D stickers and many other features to make our creation live. Altogether this app is a great choice for all video editing lovers and also for those who want to showcase their editing skills.                   

Animation Desk iPhone App Review

Animation Desk iPhone App is developed by Kdan Mobile Software LTD used for creating animations. The app is only available in the apple app store and it is only compatible with iOS devices having iOS version 9.0 or above. We can easily create animations from our videos, images, PSD layers. The Animation Desk iPhone App has been featured in the top 100 iPad entertainment apps in 86 app stores. Many websites and educational experts recommends this app for learning and creating great animations using our device.

App Highlights

Animation Desk iPhone App is made more advanced in this app by adding more attractive features. We can directly import our export Photoshop layers into the animation and also we can combine each one of the sequence to create an animatic storyboard on iPad devices. Each frame can be edited, add tags, comments etc. can be done. We can export our works in the social media and export GIFs of quality up to 640*480px. We can manually set the frame per second rate as our wish and can also play the animation in rewind mode.  

The Animation Desk App for iPhone consists of different tools to create great frame to frame animation. The copy and paste tool, brushes, colored onion skinning, Apple pencil 1, 2, Wacom etc. are some of the main tools in the Animation Desk iPhone App.  It also provides the option to add suitable soundtrack to our animation. To create great animated videos we can import videos, images, PSD layers and ad.package to the app. The final output animated video can be exported in the form of GIF, PDF, MOV etc. The screen ratio in which the videos can be exported include 16:9 and 3:4. There is also option to share our animation works to the AniZone which is a community of artists to showcase our talents.


The Animation Desk iPhone App overall performs almost the same as a software does in a desktop or laptop. The app has been well build and its simple design make it a great choice for the users globally and offers subscription plans for providing cloud storage in annually, quarterly and monthly period and the subscriptions will be charged from the iTunes account.