Dr. Seuss's ABC app Review


You certainly loved Dr. Seuss’s classic ABC book when you were a child, and now you have children of your own you want to share it with.  This app allows you to have this wonderful alphabet book in a new, interactive format that can go withyou anywhere.  This app is available for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Dr. Seuss’s ABC app  encourages children to figure out the connections between letters, sounds, and word meanings.  Beginning with Aunt Annie’s alligater and continuing on through Big Z little z, your child will love traveling through the fantastic pictures and hilarious words which will keep him entertained for hours.  The words zoom up as your child touches the picture and they hear the word associated with it.  It is a great learning tool for children who are still learning their alphabet, yet is enjoyable for older children because it contains the classic Dr. Seuss artwork and hilarious words of the original book.  If you love this app, there are more Dr. Seuss apps from Oceanhouse Media… “The Cat in the Hat” e-book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” e-book Grinchmas! (The #1 Kids Game – Dec 2009) Dr. Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition Dr. Seuss Camera – The Cat in the Hat Edition.  Even more Dr. Seuss apps are on the way.

Dr. Seuss


  • The original, beautiful artwork by Dr. Seuss is featured.
  • Promotes reading in young children.
  • Appeals to readers of all ages.
  • Combines the original artwork and story by Dr. Seuss with entertaining features that promote reading.
  • Highlights individual words as the story is read.
  • Words zoom up each time the pictures are touched and are spoken to provide word association audibly and visually.
  • Read the book in two fun ways:  READ TO ME – allows you see the highlighted words as you to listen to the narrated story.  READ IT MYSELF – allows you to read the book in the traditional way.
  • Professional narration.
  • Enlarged artwork.
  • Background audio for each page or scene is customized


Many of the pages are the same as the original ABC book by Dr. Seuss, although there are many additional features, and some pages are different.  This is a classic app that you and your children will love now and for many years to come.  Reviewers recommend it for anyone who has ever read any of Dr. Seuss’s fantastical books.

This app was voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently runs about $0.99.

The Weather Channel Max app Review


How many times have you woken up in the morning, gone about your business, and wondered what the weather was going to be like for that day?  It can be a hassle to get online or check the news station in order to get a forecast.  Well, now that information is available to you over your own personal cellular device.  You can check the weather at any point of the day with the simple click of a button.

This is one of the ultimate weather smartphone apps.  The Weather Channel Max has a variety of different tools you can use to plan out your activities each day.  Most weather iPhone apps are not always very accurate, and some are not very user-friendly.  The Weather Channel Max uses TruPoint weather technology to find the most up-to-date local weather forecasts around.  This TruPoint technology is patented and is exclusive to the Weather Channel Max app.    Not only that, this iPhone app also boasts future radar, which  let’s you know where storms are going to be heading as well as where it has been previously.    The app also includes some very detailed forecasts for the next couple of weeks, which is great if you are going to be going on a vacation soon.  You can check beach conditions, traffic cameras, find out about severe weather center warnings and so much more.  When it comes to powerful, effective, weather applications, the Weather Channel  Max can’t be beat.



  • There are zero advertisements on this app
  • You can save any page you want us your start up page
  • Access to the Severe Weather Center.  This keeps you connected to national stories as well as alerts
  • You can find out beach conditions and the condition of the tide for when you go on vacations
  • TruPoint system to show future radar paths of large storms.  This shows weather patterns for six hours
  • Many “at a glance” snapshots to choose from
  • There is a video center that gives out regional and local forecasts.  It also includes top stories, travel videos, and severe weather conditions
  • Maps are customizable and include clouds, rainfall, overall temperature, and moisture
  • You can plot out local landmarks such as schools, parks, and sports venues
  • Has 10-day forecasts, 32 hours forecasts, and hourly forecasts available


One of the most accurate and effective weather apps around.  Well worth the four dollar charge if you want constant access to the weather forecast.  Comes in handy, especially if you travel a lot.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and runs for around $3.99

Brightest Flashlight Pro app Review


This app is currently on sale for around $0.99, and is sure to be hit for people that are looking for a way to brighten the dark times of the day.  Brightest Flashlight Pro is considered the brightest flashlight of any of the iPhone apps that are currently on the iPod and iPhone.

How many time have you come home late at night, forgot to turn on the porch light, and you fumble around in your pockets for a few minutes trying to find your keys?  The once you find your keys how many times have you tried to unlock the door, only to not be able to find the slot for the key to go in?  It’s little things like this that we don’t normally think about as we go around our daily lives , but a flashlight would be extremely useful in this situation.  Not only that, it is just a good safety feature to have a flashlight in case of emergencies.  You never know when your car is going to die out on an open, dark road, or when you will drop something important outside and need a light to be able to find it.

This app is guaranteed to be the brightest flashlight out there and is fully customizable, letting you pick how bright you would like the light to be.  This also works great as a reading lamp at night or on long car rides.  The settings are easy to use and the interface is extremely user-friendly.  Don’t get frustrated in the dark ever again, and get Brightest Flashlight PRO today!



  • Allows you to shine the light in full screen mode to get maximum light
  • Has a little slider so that you can easily adjust the illumination
  • There is an SOS strobe to be able to signal others
  • The lighting moods have the ability to change colors
  • Has the brightest flashlight settings of any flashlight app
  • Also has a red lens feature which allows you to preserve night vision


Stop getting confused and fumbling around in the dark.  Try this app to find out how bright your life can be, especially when you really need it.  Definitely worth the dollar asking price in order to have a quality flashlight on the iphone.  Once you have it, you will be surprised with how much you will end up using it.  Comes in handy in a multitude of different situations.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and runs for around $0.99