RDR2: Companion Android Game App Review

RDR2 for Android is a companion app for red dead redemption 2 that helps you connect directly with PlayStation and Xbox. It means that the app will act as a second screen as you play the game using a third party facility like ps4, Xbox or TV. All the core information and statistics will be displayed in real time. You really do not have to depend on the HUD offered by the gaming controls of the television and actually opt to deactivate it.

Play in style with this great companion

Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion for Android has real time map tracking that helps you explore and spot gang members, wanted areas and key locations. It shows your location in real time, letting you zoom in and out, and pan. As you unlock important points, you get to easily locate camps, doctors, stables, hotels and more.The app resembles the screen you get when you play the game on a TV, PlayStation and Xbox. So, this makes the learning curve much less and you get acquainted with the app quite easily. The app is based on skeuomorphic design that gives a way to present information on a screen like in a real world itself.

The catalog complete with illustrations and colorful text present with the game in the store is created as is in RDR2: Companion app. You get the best experience as you read through the catalog and enjoy the illustrations as you were holding it in your hand. Arthur Morgan’s journal about the game is covered in detail. Like everything else, it resembles a real book, as you page through it, you get to view handwritten entries and hand drawn illustrations.


RDR2 Companion, developed by Rockstar Games, is a great aid for those who are in love with the red dead series. The app has complete official manual that is fully digitized. You can track the statistics of the social activities by other players and take part in their online interactive sessions and know your current progression in the story. The app is free to download with in app purchases for additional features.

Kohl’s: Scan, Shop, Pay & Save Android App Review

Kohl’s: Scan, Shop, Pay & Save for Android is a one stop shop to find what you want and still save your hard earned money. The app gives each customer a unique experience to discover their own style and still save. You shop online, anywhere, anytime, at home, office, on the road or in their very own Kohl’s store. It acts like your very own personal shopping assistant who would remind you of offers and rewards especially of items you have in your wish list.

Shop, buy and save, all at the same time

Kohl’s Shopping app for Android is feature rich with loads of offers and rewards that makes shopping quite rewarding. The wall art is where you can find and apply for offers and coupons. Use Kohl’s Pay to make payments through the app, in store or its online store. Yes2You rewards help you review your current points. You can find how many points you need to collect for your next Yes2You reward. You can link your wallet and pay to Yes2You rewards so it can automatically gain points after each transaction.

Their excellent sales alert system will never let you down. You will be alerted promptly whenever there is a sale. The price scanner feature will let you scan the barcode of items you purchase so you can discover other deals and savings to get the best buy. Free shipping is available while you checkout from a Kohl’s store using the app. Kohl’s charge makes it easier to schedule payment, check account balance and update billing information.


Kohl’s for Android improves your shopping experience for better. It helps paying as well as saving easier. Perfect place to go for to select gifts for your family and friends, especially during festive season. Scan and find if you are making the best deal from where ever you are buying. Scan, shop and pay as you realize that you are getting the greatest deal on holiday gifts, men’s, women’s and kids shoes, dresses, accessories and home décor and so on. The app is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus Android App Review

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus for Android is a mp3 music player that is bundled with a graphic equalizer and HD audio enhancers. The music player has about 10 to 20 bands of graphic equalizer with various sound effects to choose from. It is one of the most downloaded music players with excellent plugins available for sound effects. The plug-ins includes Crystalizer, AM3D Audio Enhancer, Bongiovi DPS.

Listen to great music, anywhere, anytime

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus for Android plays any type of digital music files. There quite a lot of file formats available and they are, .wav, .mp3, .ogg,.flac, .m4a, .mpc,.tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .opus, .wma and so on. Each of these files can be enhanced further with available sound effects. Some of the enhancements are Wide, Reverb, X-bass and many more. It provides 32 equalizer presets. This enhances our listening experience and gives us a wide range of choices. You can even customize their own by allowing 20 band equalizer and other playback functions like speed control, crossfading, and AGC.

There are other functionalities that are quite powerful and take this app to a whole new level. You have a choice between list mode or grid mode for layout style. There are three list modes and 10 grid modes. jetAudio HD Music Player app lets you find music on YouTube. The files are categorized by artists, albums, songs, playlist, genre and folders. You easily browse and find your pick. Swipe up to post the music on any social networking site. Swipe down to display the Now Playing tab. Headset button controls are present in the app which works fine even for a Bluetooth headset.


jetAudio HD Music Player Plus for Android is quite highly rated by its users. There are two versions, free as well as plus. The paid version is priced at $3.99. The free version has the same features as plus version except for some additional features. The free version also has advertisements which are missing from the plus version. You can listen to high quality music the way it is played everywhere in your smartphone itself. So, with a minimal payment to download with in-app purchases, you get to enjoy full features of jetAudio with plus version.

Poshmark – Buy & Sell Fashion Android App Review

Poshmark – Buy & Sell for Android is a new and leading marketplace to shop online. The app allows you to buy and sell fashion, new or used. If you are of the habit of buying used items that saves tons of money then this app is for you. You can save a great deal as you buy clothing, accessories and many other items around our house. This app also provides a platform to sell things you no longer need.

Shop, Sell, and Party in Style

Poshmark for Android is based on similar lines of eBay and Craig’s list. It is a social networking platform that urges people to socialize. For sellers, this app works like a consignment store. You can set up your own closet or boutique where you can upload pictures of items you wish to sell. If your closet can pull a good number of followers, then you can get your items sold quickly. Buying is the easiest task in Poshmark. You can pick your favorite brands which will then be displayed in the feed. When you first log into the app, you will be in a Poshmark showroom where posh parties are conducted. This helps focus on your personal style and clothing. These parties helps you understand your taste of clothing and quickly learn to search all your favorite items.

Poshmark - Buy Sell Fashion Android App Review

Posh parties let you choose your accessories and clothing around a particular designer brand or style. It is a social selling platform where being social and gaining followers can really platform. Buyers can also gain from participating in parties and making contacts to get the best deals.


Poshmark – Buy & Sell for Android is an easy to use platform for both buyers and sellers. The app presents a unique strategy to get the best deal whether you are buying or selling. It is an easy ecommerce solution that makes use of Android for online consignment. It takes about seven days to ship the item. You have provision to cancel a transaction. The prices on offer are 70% cheaper than the retail price.

Max Payne Mobile Android Game App Review

Max Payne Mobile for Android is a mobile shooting game, which belongs to the third person shooter games. It is an award winning title that has redefined the action shooter genre. The concept is story driven and the entire game play revolves around that. Max Payne, a fugitive undercover cop, has been framed for murder of his own family. The whole world is against him and he is fighting a lone battle without any hopes to win.

Fighting, Shooting and winning over a lone battle

Max Payne Mobile for Android is one of the most favourite shooting games to be in the market for the past 15 years which is endlessly entertaining and has received plenty of critical acclaim. The original gameplay mechanics makes this game more interesting with plenty of mindless shooting. Any rockstar title comes with mindless action. You just need to press the bullet time button, the game slows down to give you ample time to choose an enemy, shoot them out. The bullet time varies as per the level and the difficulty setting is in. Each time you kill an enemy your bullet time will get charged.

Max Payne Mobile Android Game App Review

Like in most of the action games, there is a standard health bar, loads of weapons ranging from pistols, shot gun, machine guns, crowbar, and rocket launchers. Combating in touch screen is quite easy. By default, soft aim is enabled, you just need to swipe to the direction and the game picks up the target. The graphics are sharp and of HD quality resolution and texture that provides a great visual experience and the settings are customisable. There are special bonus levels and cheats to get through the various difficulties in each level.


Max Payne Mobile game is most optimised to play smoothly in both android phones and tablets, is definitely a must try for game enthusiasts. It is quite a game changer, that people who were used to games like Call of Duty Modern War Machine, this game is hilariously simplistic and on the face. It changed the way people saw action games. The game costs $1.99 to download with no ads or in-app purchases.