Words With Friends 2 iPhone Game App Review

Check this one out if you are a fan of word games. Words With Friends 2 – Word Game for iPhone provides a refreshed word game to challenge your friends and your brains like never before. It is both fun and challenging. You can download the game for free from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Words With Friends 2 – Word Game for iPhone got a variety of game modes. For example, you can play against fictional characters in NEW Solo Challenge events, updated with new themes and opponents twice a month. If you have a competitive streak, you can check out a fast-paced team match to test your rapid word building skills in the NEW Lightning Round. The classic one-on-one gameplay is also available. By playing, you can earn unique themed badges for completing weekly challenges and scoring big against your friends. Words With Friends 2 game backs up your gameplay by pulling in all your past games, friends and progress from previous versions.

Words With Friends 2 iPhone Game App Review

It all starts with creating a game. Challenge your Facebook friends and family members to a game or use Smart Match to find your perfect word puzzle opponent. You may test and improve your word skills against themed WordMaster characters in NEW Solo Challenges events. Stay sharp, because as you move up the ladder, the WordMasters will get tougher to beat. In the lighting round, you play on a team of up to 5 players, and face off in a match to score the most points first and win. The app also helps improve your word skills. Its dictionary includes 50,000 new words that will come handy. The UI layout is user friendly. The graphics also looks nice. The app requires iOS 10.0+. The game is available in foreign languages including German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. You can earn more coins through IAP.


Words With Friends 2 – Word Game for iPhone is an engrossing word game puzzle that would come handy during your long waits in the airport lounge or daily commute to/from work. Another plus is that you’ll learn new words every time you play. It is a nice touch that the game backs up your game play progress when you close the app. UI design is user friendly. Support for foreign languages comes to the aid of non-English natives. It is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you love word games.

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Oak – Meditation and Breathing iPhone App Review

Meditation helps to de-stress and relax. In our stressful daily lives, it is important to practice mindfulness and relaxation. Oak – Meditation and Breathing for iPhone helps you learn how to do that. It teaches you meditation techniques practice for centuries. You can download Oak for free from iTunes.

What is it about?

Oak – Meditation and Breathing app for iPhone provides lots of meditation exercises to help you to relax and be mindful. The app offers guided meditations from both male and female instructors. Choose session duration from 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes in length as per your choice. It also teaches pranayama yogic breathing exercises to create a sense of calm and relaxation. When you first start using Oak, it will be in ‘guided’ mode. The app signifies this with ‘mindful’ in the discipline field when you first begin the meditation exercises. It also got an unguided mode wherein you can customize the various aspects of your meditation. One of the nicest aspects of Oak app is its optional integration with Apple Health. But the integration is your choice. The app just tells you how to turn it on, and leaves it to you to enable Apple Health integration. But if you allow Apple Health integration, you can track your progress through Apple Health app. As Apple Health has a section for Mindful Minutes, Oak for iPhone is an excellent way to meet your goals for being more calm, relaxed, and mindful. The app also got a Wisdom tab that features a Wisdom section full of audio and video content from Alan Watts.

Oak Meditation Breathing iPhone App

The UI design of Oak is user friendly. The inhale/exhale commands are shown on the UI prominently. The guided meditations help to learn the nuances quickly. Detailed analytics helps you to keep track of your progress. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive as well.


Oak – Meditation and Breathing app for iPhone is your virtual guide to learning the tips and tricks of meditation, breathing exercises as well as a good wisdom section featuring audio/video content from Alan Watts. Optional Apple Watch integration comes handy. The best part is that it does not force you to connect to Apple Watch. UI is well designed. It is easy to use its various features. The light color theme also looks nice. Overall, a well-made meditation app that teaches you mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

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Flappy Dunk Android Game App Review

Flappy Dunk for Android is a one tap flying game inspired by Flappy Bird concept. In the game, your objective is to tap on the screen to fly your winged basketball into the air and score baskets one after the other. Typical of flappy-styled games, it is easy to jump into, but tough to come on top. You can download Flappy Dunk game for free of cost from Google Play Store.

The Game

Flappy Dunk game for Android has only one control: tap on the screen. The game rule is also familiar. Don’t let the basketball touch the ground. You got to do everything in your power to stop that from happening. You earn points by putting the ball through the hoops. Keep in mind that you need to get the ball through every hoop. Miss one, and it is all over. The best way to pocket more points is to score a swish with as many baskets as possible. Your multipliers will increase with each consecutive swish you get. This is the best way to earn higher scores. The best way to practice the skills is by playing the challenge mode. It is advisable to play through challenges before attempting to score big in endless mode. The challenge stages introduce harder hoops – like the moving hoops – that you’ll encounter as you reach higher scores in the endless mode.

Flappy Dunk Android Game App Review

As soon as you pass through a hoop, and score a point, immediately tap on the screen. It gives you the momentum to go for the next hoop even if it is higher. Hoops disappear as you pass them so that you can jump through where their side previously was. Further, if you’d hit the edge of the basket, you might think that it had overshot. But by stop tapping, you can get the ball to roll back and into the hoop. The same goes for dunking a moving hoop. Similarly, flapping to about three balls’ height above the hoop when you’re almost at its rim and then letting go achieves a sure-shot dunk. The graphics is decent while the animations are all slick and smooth. The game is also stable.


Flappy Dunk game for Android is fun and addictive. It is perfect to kill time while commuting to/from work or waiting at the airport lounge. If you’re new to flappy bird styled games, it is better to hone your skills by playing the challenge mode at your own pace. Your success also depends on how you well you familiarize yourself with the tips and tricks of effectively playing the game. You also should have lots of patience. Overall, a well-made flappy bird inspired game that is worth checking out.

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