Cupslice Photo Editor Android App Review

Cupslice Photo Editor for Android is a photo editing app which can be used to give a new stunning new look to our photos. We can add filters, stickers, frames, badges and other editing features to our images using the app and can be downloaded freely from Google Play Store. The app provides basic tools such as cropping, hue & saturation adjustments, brightness & contrast adjustments along with other options like adding filters, stickers etc.

Fun Oriented Photo Editing App

The Cupslice Photo Editor Android App is well designed with lots of cool features and it is been easy to use. The photos can be processed with very little time and it holds collection of more 400 stickers such as funny, music, birthday etc. and goodies in Cupslice Café. The app contains a variety of fonts and colors which can be used to decorate our photos and can add trending words, phrases and hashtags. The app also has a good collection of high quality stickers focusing on trending topics.

There are around more than 50 stylish and unique photo editor effects available in the Cupslice Photo Editor Android App where each one can be previewed lively and hence can choose the suitable one. We can adjust simple editing options and can directly upload our photos into social media or can save those into our gallery. We can also make collage effects, rotate our photos, square maker etc. with the application. Resizing photo and crop them to our necessary size can also be done with the app.

Simple Editing App

Cupslice Photo Editor Android App has a great user interface with stunning features and easy to select and use options. More stickers and features are been added to the application on further updates and it is been completely free to use. The app has been developed by cupslice and it works perfectly in android devices having android version 4.1 and above. It comes up with ad free experience and overall it gives users a better simple editing platform to retouch their photos.       

Homicide Squad: New York Cases iPhone App Review

Homicide Squad New York Cases iPhone App is a detective gaming where we needs to find hidden objects to solve murder mysteries. Our aim in this game is to investigate crime scenes, search for clues from the spot, analyze all the evidences, solve the case using evidences and finally arrest the criminals. The game has been very well designed and it really tests our detective skills. This app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and it has in-app purchases. In this game we need to play the role of a detective and solve crimes to provide justice in the city of New York. The game offers only limited energy to play with and we need to wait for some time to refill the energy otherwise we needs to purchase them.

Show our Detective Skills

The Homicide Squad iPhone App game displays a variety of crime scenes and it is the duty of us to find solutions from the crime scenes and solve it. The gameplay has been really awesome with good graphical support and visuals. We need to accompany with other detectives to restore law and order in the city by visiting crime locations and prove our skill in detective field. The storylines behind each crime is been cool and really engaging ones which attract the player to solve the crime and to find the real culprits. The Homicide Squad for iPhone has an attractive interface with quality visuals and energy meter, money earned etc. been featured.

After finding the hidden objects and clues we can analyze the required clues in the lab and find necessary output which helps to catch the criminal much easier. We can interrogate suspects in our list and may also get important clues from their words. Finding hidden objects is to be done much quicker as possible in order to earn more stars to unlock more areas, analyze clues in the laboratory etc.

Bring justice to the city

The Homicide Squad iPhone App is overall a great choice to all detective game lovers and it has contents to make the game engaging throughout. The in- app purchases can be done to purchase bonus tokens, energy freeze, double energy etc. in the App store. The game requires iOS version 9.0 or above for working and it is available in many languages such as English, French, German etc. Overall this game is a great time pass for iOS users and we can showcase our detective skills to bring justice in the city.        

XO – Dating & Icebreaker Games Android App Review

XO Dating & Icebreaker Games Android App provides a great platform for dating and playing games. It is an addictive game that can be called as a perfect mix of Draw It and Tinder. Named the Best Dating App Of 2020 by DigitalTrends, the app provided interesting and fun ways for people to interact with others. The app can easily be the first dating app with games. You can ditch all the one liners to start a conversation with your interest. The app provides fun games to break the ice. You get to meet genuine people who love to meet people and make friends in an interesting way.

Dating Getting Better Than Before With XO

XO Dating & Icebreaker Games Android App is a simple and easy to use app that makes things pretty easy for your date. It is highly impossible to find something to talk with the other person in an online dating app. It can be awkward and silly. The XO removes that apprehension easily. The whole ideology is to get two people play games which will help them relax, have fun and also get to know each other better. There are quizzes, word searches and drawings and more to make you relax and break the ice.

The concept of a date revolves around real world activities like movies, dinner, concerts and more. But when you are meeting some one in the virtual world, it is better to know the person completely before getting to meet in the real world. The XO dating app has blended fun activities to make things really interesting for the couples.


XO Dating & Icebreaker Games Android App keeps you stress free and away from all those artificial one lines which will make you sound really shallow. This is one of the perfect app to search for your dream partner. You can get hitched through a mutual like, blind date or any other random search. The games are really fun and you get to have some meaningful conversation from the very beginning. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for additional features. The app can be used by people whose age is above 18 years.

Grindr – Gay chat Android App Review

Grindr Gay chat Android App is one of the largest free social networking dating platform for gay, bisexual, transgenders and queer people to make contact. The app has millions of users from worldwide and we can chat, explore their profiles and find our perfect one. We can sign up easily to Grindr where we can add our photos, age, birthday, gender etc. and also can logged in using our Facebook id. We can make contact with other profiles easily by sending them chats, photos, our location etc. for free with people nearby or from other countries.

Best dating platform

This Grindr Gay chat Android App is currently one of the best dating platforms with great features and faster experience. We can browse other profiles, see their photos and easily can found people nearby to make contact by accessing their location. We share our private photos in chats with other members and make them friendlier with us. Chats are also be done securely with each other and also there is an option to have group chat with different people. We can easily customize our profile by adding more photos, descriptions etc. In describing our stats, we can describe our height, weight, body type, relationship status, favorite positions etc.

We can block persons that seem to be disinteresting and also can star those who found better for us. We can get Grindr XTRA subscription to access more features and can view more profiles of others. In this subscription we can get avoid 3rd party ads, view up to 600 profiles at once, can access more premium filters,   can send multiple photos etc. We can link our social media accounts easily to our profile thereby helps to find our better true soul mate.

 Real dating site

The Grindr Gay chat Android App design is simple and been very much user friendly with easy to navigate around the app. The app is also provided for iOS devices and it features mainly on people registered in the app. In- app purchases can be done with in the app to access more features and to experience better usage. Overall it is a great platform for the community to make a dating with interested ones around the globe. The app can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store and can instantly start dating as a standard member or upgrade to have more features.    

Byte video communities Android App Review

Byte Video Communities Android App helps you create video communities. It is a perfect app that let’s you share your world with new people and connect with them in an interesting and exciting new ways. You get to upload videos of up to 6 seconds. You can call it a smaller version of TikTok where you can upload videos of 1 minute duration. Creativity in a condensed form is the motto of Byte. The app is from the makers of Vine, and a perfect replacement of Vine which disappeared after being sold to Twitter. The app gives you a perfect platform to showcase your creativity.

Celebrate Life And Community With Condensed Creativity

Byte video communities Android App is quite easy to use with a simple and sleek interface. Like any other video content app, you need to capture video and upload it in the app. The only thing you need to take care is the time limit. It offers its creators a limited platform for creativity. The videos in byte are minimalistic in nature. There is no text or video effect. You can add a cation to the video. You get to showcase your raw videos sans any frills and fancies.

The Byte video communities Android App is community focused. It is easy to explore content and upload videos. You need to create a user name and choose a display option.  You can follow who has liked and commented on your content from the Activity tab. In the profile session you can see all the user profiles who are following you.

Connect and Share using Byte

Byte video communities Android App is the latest social media app that is all about creating video content for 6 seconds and share it to the world. There is no private accounts. All user profiles have default public setting and though the content is not searchable, user profiles are searchable. The app lets you block accounts and also allows you to monitor users who decide to follow you. You can search and add any user profile to follow. Byte doesn’t allow direct messaging or have live content. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.