Settle Up – Group Expenses iPhone App Review

When you are out with your friends on a trip or a movie or a place to hang-out, splitting the expenses can get complicated. How much should each person expend on the trip and who has to repay it to whom? Understanding this complexity and an urge to meet this stated need, Step Up Labs came up with an innovative application to solve the issue on the screen of the device. Settle Up – Group Expenses for iPhone has grabbed a splendid rating of 4+ on iTunes App Store and provides a running total of who owes whom with the exact amount till date.

Slicky Interface with multiple currency support

As the name of the app suggests, Settle Up – Group Expenses iPhone app’s primary objective is to keep a track of shared expenses. The user interface of the application is simple, clean and cool as a cucumber. Once after successful installation, the launch of the app begins with a quick sign-up process which hardly takes a minute. All one need to do is to register his/her registered email address along with the contact number. Once done, a user can create a group of friends by using the contact details of the friends stored in the phone memory. The app supports multiple currencies available under currency manager – which downloads the currency rates from the internet. However, it allows to enter the currency rates manually in-case a user is interested to do so. The unique feature of the app is to let a user create expense record with an option of even/uneven split of payments. The app cost merely $2.99 which wards off marketing advertisements and provides a platform to settle up debts and the emotions.


Multiple Languages and Sharing via Any Channel

Settle Up – Group Expenses for iPhone supports multiple languages including French, German, English, Swedish and Italian to name a few. The app aids in sharing of the bill snapshot among the friends by email or WhatsApp. It understands the finance pretty well and eliminates the small value by rounding off the amount according to the settings saved by the user. It allows an unlimited number of group creations along with the option of multiple currencies in the same – aiding in understanding the true value of money for each member belonging to different nations. The app requires iOS version 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Secure a copy of Settle Up from iTunes App Store to enjoy the trips without any complexity of making a track record of expenses.

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SoundCloud – Music & Audio Android App Review

Are you fond of music and explore new music over internet? If yes, then there are different applications which support live streaming of your favorite music. SoundCloud – Music & Audio for Android is an outstanding application for music lovers. Artists and musicians are constantly uploading new music and SoundCloud is the place where you can find the next big artists alongside chart-buster albums, live performances and mixes for every occasion.
The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store.


It is quite difficult to search for good music from lots of music files which are available over the web. Most of the time, you are wasting your time in searching file rather than listening to good music. But with SoundCloud – Music & Audio for Android, you will get bouquet of products for all type of listeners and creators. Users can join different communities, connect with artists you love and start discovering new music every day. There are 3 versions of the application available-SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud GO and SoundCloud GO+. Paid versions of the application are equipped with advanced features and contains no advertisements. Its database consists of 120 million+ songs from various artists. You can find your favorite one from there and get suggestions based on your musical likes and dislikes. In case of premium version, no more 30 second preview, all songs are directly accessible to stream and save offline. Apart from listening, you can also share links with friends via Facebook and Twitter.


SoundCloud Android app has amazing user interface and high utility factor in comparison to similar applications. You can also stream audio playback over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Users can also join the SoundCloud community with friends and music developers you already follow on Facebook. SoundCloud GO is available for $4.99 per month while SoundCloud GO+ is available $9.99 per month. Both versions have 30 days free trial period for users. This app is compatible with Android versions 4.1 or above.


SoundCloud – Music & Audio app for Android will provide awesome listening experience to users. The app is more reliable and convenient to use for music lovers across the world due to its wonderful database. Install and play all kind of music, anytime, anywhere.

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Orphan Black: The Game Android App Review

Orphan Black: The Game for Android is a dark and twisted puzzle-adventure that retells the pivotal events of Orphan Black. It is based on the hit television series Orphan Black, which chronicles the mystery surrounding a sestrahood of clones. The app may be downloaded for free from Google Play.

The Game

Orphan Black: The Game for Android is a captivating puzzler that keeps you contemplating your next move every step of the way. When you first fire up the game, you’ll see a tutorial that walks you through the nuances of the game. Navigation is simple enough. Just swipe in the direction you want to move. The path markers indicate where you can move, and as you progress, you will come across “paramedics”, which in this scenario are not the good guys. If you come near their vicinity, it alert them and they will begin to pursue you. But ‘paramedics’ can see only up to two spaces ahead of them. So they always follow your previous path, and hence you got to choose and back track your steps wisely.


Further, along the path, there are trap that you should avoid. Said traps will be activated by tapping on it or standing next to one. Your aim is to lure the paramedics into the traps. And you got to keep going and stay alive and clear levels in as few steps as possible. The current version of the game has 10 worlds with over 80 levels filled with puzzles and traps. The graphics is impressive, so are the sound effects. The beautiful third person isometric art is outstanding. The game might be thrilling to adults. But the same can’t be said about kids. For little ones, it can be frightening and hence parental guidance is advised. The layout is user friendly.


Orphan Black: The Game for Android is a dark, yet interesting puzzle game. After the tutorial, you have the option to unlock all the levels for $1.99. But it would have been nice if players were able to experience more of the game before taking a call on unlocking the levels. Also, bonus features such as more protection items or extra lives as an additional fee would have come handy. The graphics and sound effects are decent. The game is also stable. Check it out if you are a fan of puzzlers in the dark genre.

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