Screens Screen Sharing Remote Desktop iPhone App Review

Screens: Screen Sharing, Remote Desktop for iPhone lets you control your computer from anywhere. It lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC from anywhere in the world. It is the best remote access solution used that is developed based on industry standard technology for remote access. It is easy to setup and removes the requirement to use a static IP address or configure router manually.

Remote accessing like a breeze

Screens Remote Desktop for iPhone is a VNC client which stands for virtual networking computing. You have VNC server and a VNC client. The client connects to the server from port 5900 and allows the client to see the display of the VNC server. It has an easy to use beautiful interface with Apple’s ever changing design standards. Once you open the App, you will find a display of available server screens. Double tapping on a machine icon launches it and you can log in by typing in the pass code. Screens iPhone app have various other features that makes it a fast, secure and reliable solution. It can connect to your computer through a secure connection. You need to enable remote login on your computer and you can connect it from a client making it easily reachable from anywhere in the world. Trackpad controls can be used to operate your computer from a remote device.

The scrollable shortcuts toolbar ensure you have all your favorite shortcuts that you more often use is at hand. Screens allow you to select from several displays of the server and also remembers the last selection for future sessions. If there is someone logged on to the remote server, Screens will either ask to share their desktop or it lets you start a new session. You can also turn an iOS device into a trackpad to control your computer’s cursor.


With Screens Screen Sharing for iPhone, you can gain access to your friends and relatives’ computer’s and helps them troubleshoot issues, update apps and so on. The app is the best remote access solution for iOS to access Macs when away from home. The app costs $19.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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VidStatus Android App Review

VidStatus – Status Videos & Status Downloader for Android is a short video app which is used to edit, download and watch trending short videos. It is India’s best short video app and can play videos in various Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi and Malayalam. Apart from viewing videos, it also doubles up as a professional video editing tool wherein you can cut, copy, trim and merge videos smoothly. VidStatus app – Status Videos & Status Downloader

Great Entertainment, Anytime, Anywhere

VidStatus – Status Videos & Status Downloader for Android is an ideal app for all things related to videos. Whether you want to watch a funny clips, memes, Indian movie song clips, astrology, news and sports VidStatus provides the best features to play all of these in the best possible way. Clips that provide latest updates and gossips on Indian movies and songs, tips on health and how to dress well, home made remedies and beauty tips have found way into the app. The app provides space for all round entertainment with short videos all of 30 seconds duration dealing with varied topics. Video editing tools present in the app helps you add additional filters, animated texts and transitions. It also lets you create new themes, posters and add background music to videos.

VidStatus for Android also allows you to take selfie videos using the device camera and add special effects to it. The app supports multiple shooting options. One other prominent feature is the lyrics video editing. You can select a video from the gallery or create your own video and add appropriate music along with texts, stickers and emojis to develop a video song. If you create a video song that reflects your current mood you can share that as status on Facebook and WhatsApp. Download and save any clip and share that to social networking sites making it available to your family and friends.


VidStatus – Status Videos & Status Downloader for Android are for those who love watching short videos to keep them entertained. Follow what your friends like and view their feedback and also find new friends. The app requires Android 4.1 and up and is completely free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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WiFi Baby Monitor Android App Review

WiFi Baby Monitor for Android is a baby monitor application that works easily enough by connecting two devices (smart phone, tablet, or PC) through your local Wi-Fi network. With one device placed in the room where baby stays, the app will notify everything that happens in the room. Loaded with many useful features it is a blessing in disguise for all parents who might have to stay away from kids even for a little while.

Monitoring Babies The Best Way

To start functioning, WiFi Baby Monitor for Android just needs two hand-held smart devices. Take the first device, install the app and assign it as the baby device. Next take the second device, install the app and connect it as parents dev ice by entering the IP address of the baby device. Now, the app connects these two devices and you have set up the baby monitoring device. A series of great features make this app worth the effort taken. The audio transmission between both the devices allows noise detection and alerts the slightest cry your baby makes. It connects through Wi-Fi network and supports end to end encryption. It secures data by encrypting all audio and video data with a password. You can view the battery charge level of the baby device from the parents’ device.

WiFi Baby Monitor for Android sends out alarm if there is a connectivity issues as well as with the temperature and humidity sensors it updates the changes seen in them as well. The app is lightweight and consumes less charge and data. Additional features in paid version include, video monitoring and talk back facility, using which you can talk with your baby.


WiFi Baby Monitor for Android’s free version supports voice only monitoring and most of the other features while paid version adds video, talk back capabilities, encryption and it removes ads. You just need to have the full paid version in the baby’s device and a free version in the parent’s device you can use the complete functionality of the paid version of the baby’s device.

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