Paper Wings Android Game App Review

Paper Wings for Android is a gorgeous game of bird stunts with flying to collect balls before the fall on the ground and pop up which brings a bout hazard. It is an original origami bird that collects points as balls rains down like gifts from heaven. The game offers a huge collection of birds to choose from. They mostly look like a colourful flying plane that blocks the balls from a possible explosion.

Fly high and save the world

Paper Wings for Android has pretty striking graphics and simple controls that are easy to learn. The texture of the bird has been made to look like paper with riots of color that does full justice to the concept of origami. Though it is hard to master the flights and dives of the bird. The bird has to dive to collect all the points. The flight of the bird is automatically managed and you need to tap the sides of the screen to make it tilt to that direction. The game has four modes. The calm mode has no points to collect or time limit. You can practice flying and diving to collect the balls and get familiar with the mechanics of the game. Each bird in the collection has very specific skills. For example the dove has magnetic ability to attract the balls before they explode. Similarly each bird has its own unique characteristics. Slick animation and nice visual effects add a great dynamic quality to the game.

Paper Wings Android App

Paper Wings game lets you set high score and allows you to challenge your friends to gain more points. You can unlock other species as you proceed in the game there by bringing in a complete bird family. There are daily quests and challenges to unlock. The background score is very soothing to listen to with sounds of flowing water and chirping birds. If the balls fall into the water, in few seconds it will explode and end the game.


Paper Wings for Android has you flying around like a maniac performing all the daring stunts at an altitude you may never had thought of. The game is completely free with no in-app purchases but just the occasional ads and accepts donations for the American Bird Conservatory.

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