Photo Map Android App Review

Photo Map Android App displays photos based on location you have traveled. While there are apps that display photos based on timeline,Photo Map has this unique feature to segregate photos based on location in the metadata. It stiches together the photos to bring out a beautiful story. All your vacations, get together, celebration photos can be found at one place almost immediately which are combined together to form a beautiful composition. It looks almost like a travelogue. With the map as focus, this app creates auto generated movie of an entire trip photos.

Keep Your Memories And View It In A Wonderful Way

Photo Map for Android is a beautiful, interactive photo viewer app with a material design. The photos can be loaded quickly and they can be viewed on an interactive map. The app comes with many unique features. The map helps you to find great spots and you can navigate in chronological order from location to location.Switch to 3D mode using your fingers. Photos are sorted by date and presented on a map where you can see the spot it has been taken.

You can zoom, delete and view other information. There is a video playback and an explorer mode. You can search for photos based on the name, date, folder, location and more. It comes with a powerful editor that let’s you apply frames, filters, color, crop and more. Share your collage and photos with friends and family.


Photo Map for Android is a wonderful app that has all the potential to beat Instagram.The app has plenty of settings that you can use to customize or personalize based on ones liking. You set the app as the default image viewer. The basic version of the app is free for download and use. There areno ads placed by the developer.There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase pro version with additional features. The basic version limits users to 500 photos. The pro version has unlimited photos with 20k cloud storage. Purchase extra packs to increase storage limit by 10k each.

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