Photomath Android App Review

Photomath for Android is an educational application which helps you to solve all your math problems. You scan, solve and learn. Point your devices camera toward a math problem and the app will show the result with step by step instructions. It uses artificial intelligence to process math problems and arrive at a solution. It is a useful support tool that shows the step involved in solving a math problem. If used rightly, it is a resource that kids can use to learn to solve mathematical problems.

Scan, Solve and Learn

Photomath for Android is quite simple to use. Download and launch the app. Open a book which has the math problem you want to solve. Place it in front of your devices camera. The app scans the math problem automatically once you have lined it up in the viewer field. You pinch and drag on the screen to resize the scan area. It then analyses the scanned picture and displays step by step solution to the problem instantly. The purpose of using Photomath is to resolve your fear for math and to sharpen your math skills before taking a test. The app supports most of the basic math. This includes fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, equation systems and logarithms. Complex problems like solving integrals, trigonometry and derivatives can also be attempted.

Photomath app shows you one approach to solve a problem, which may or may not be the approved method. It also lets you enter math problems using its intuitive math keyboard. The app acts like a calculator where in you just type the problem and the results appear on screen instantly. It is not a foolproof method to resolve your math deficiencies, but can be used as an assistance while practicing math or working out home works. To be proficient in math, you need to know how to solve the problems and not just the answer. While it is a great learning support, students can use the app as a shortcut to complete their assignments.


Photomath for Android could lead to cheating if not used with the right intent. But it is highly unlikely that you would be allowed to use your smartphones and tablets during examinations. Through human like solving steps, the app helps you learn how to solve captured problems and equation. If you are not strong in math, then Photomath app can be helpful as a good learning device for self tutoring. Free version shows the steps for solving a problem, where as the paid subscription will have more detailed explanations of the steps.

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