PixelLab Text on Pictures Android App Review

PixelLab Text on Pictures for Android is an editing app that lets you add text, stickers and shapes to pictures. It is used to add stylish,3D text with ease. It is a wonderful app that can be used to easily edit and add text to pictures. If text is the only thing left to complete, then PixelLab comes in handy. With several effects and styles, the app makes editing image and text really simple. Useful for professional YouTubers and others who are in the business of creating posters and pictures. The app can be used by anyone. It is not complex software that requires a training to use it.

Unleash your creativity with text and images

PixelLab Text on Pictures Android App is a simple and beautiful app. It is quite easy to use. The app lets you add how much ever text objects you need on the image. Create text and overlay on the image or create a poster of text. Make the text stand out with dozens of effects. Add shadow, stroke, reflection, mark, emboss, 3D and more. Add a simple color to fill in apply gradient features. There are linear and radial gradient.

The PixelLab Text on Pictures App for Android also has texture fills to add on the text. It has more than 100 fonts and you can use your own fonts as well. Stickers, shadows and emojis can be customized. Import images from gallery and make it as a sticker. Draw using the pen tool on the image and resize or rotate it. Add, modify or change the background of the image.


PixelLab Text on Pictures Android App offers best text editing options that can be easily implemented. Easily draw on the image and add stickers, text and shapes. There are wide range of presets available with different stickers, fonts, backgrounds and other 60 unique options. The PixelLab Text app lets you customize every effects and styles based on your imagination. To make things easier, the complete tutorial is available on the YouTube. Stun your friends with amazing graphics by sharing your creations through social media. The app is free to download and use. There are ads. In app purchases are available in the app to subscribe for additional features.

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