Polycon Icon Pack for Android Review

Polycon – Icon Pack for Android helps you to create unique icons and screen savers that completely change the look of the graphic Interface of your Android phone. So, let us take a look at the app and how you can use it to make your phone more unique. Polycon app is a free download from Google Play.


Polycon – Icon Pack for Android is a really good app for people who want to make their phone look and feel truly unique. What the app does is really simple – it creates unique icons for apps on your phone which enhance the attraction of your phone and make it stand out from the crowd. All the icons are designed used the Material Design language. Material Design, as you might know, is the design language developed by Google that focuses on simplicity and attractiveness. The Polycon app features more than 800 icons – so you got lot of options when it comes to choosing the right icon. You can also set attractive screen savers with the help of the app. Hence you can change the entire appearance of your phone with this single app.


The level of customization of Polycon – Icon Pack for Android is pretty amazing. Not only do you get the chance to customize the app icons and change the screensaver, you also get custom folder icons and custom app drawer icons. You also get the custom dashboard feature that helps you to customize the dashboard. It also comes with Firebase integration. The app supports most of the app launchers out there. So compatibility would not be an issue. If you really want to make your mobile look unique, then the Polycon is the best app for you.


There are a lot of customization apps out there, but the Polycon – Icon Pack for Android offers a few things that no other app offers you. The app really works great on all the phones that we have tried it on and we haven’t encountered any major flaws. So, if you want to give a unique look and feel to your phone, then Polycon app is the right one for you.