Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS App Review

Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS iPhone App is an anti-theft and location tracker app for IOS and Android. This app is developed by Prey, Inc. This app will help you to track your gadget when it is lost or theft. This app is completely free to access.

Prey Find my Phone Features

Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS iPhone App is one of the best choice against the fear of theft and dropping of your Phone. Burglary and loss are the greatest dangers to your iPhone gadgets and all the valuable information contained on it. Be that as it may, for the same number of clingy fingered cheats as there seem to be, there are nearly the same number of app to help keep your phone secure regardless of who may be holding it. Prey is one such app, and keeping in mind that its value is incredible, it needs significant highlights and is unbalanced to use. The greatest selling purpose of Prey is that you can verify it in any gadgets you use. Prey Tracker GPS iPhone App offers free records constrained to three gadgets with less highlights, however that ought to be sufficient to cover pretty much anything the normal iPhone client requires. You control the counter burglary highlights of Prey essentially through the Prey Project site, at which you can follow your phone’s area, catch its IP address, initiate its camera, sound a caution, message the gadget, and lock the gadget.

Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS iPhone App won’t let you remotely wipe your phone, be that as it may, which implies that your valuable information is stuck in the hand of a thief. While these are largely standard highlights for hostile to robbery applications, Prey iPhone App adopts an altogether different strategy to verifying your gadget. Rather than having singular activities like bolting your phone or following it, Prey lets you select from a menu of activities and afterward completes those activities all at once.Prey is controlled from a site, which shows two segments of alternatives, they are, Information to gather and Actions to Actions. Capturing an IP address is under Information, and remote lock is under Actions, for example. You pick what you need to occur, and afterward press save changes.


Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS iPhone App methodology is worthwhile, be that as it may in that since you can complete a few things immediately, utilizing the valuable time before a cheat gets an opportunity to change out your SIM card or keep you from speaking with your lost gadget.

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