Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance Android App Review

Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance Android App is based on prom nights. It presents the most amazing proms and you get to be the prom queens and king. It us a fun game that keeps most of the kids occupied for a while. You get to know the rules of a prom, learn dance moves and learn how to behave during a prom night. The app provides you with everything you need to get ready for the prom night. The app is one of its kind that helps you to be the best on the d day.

Be the Best On Your Prom Night

Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance for Android is an interesting app that you get to play through all the events for a prom night. From planning to execution, the app covers everything. Get a good makeover to become the cutest prom queen. This includes doing a manicure, selecting accessories and more. Select the right bracelet, rings and an amazing hairstyle.

The Prom Queen App has lots of features like you can dress your boyfriend with a fab tuxedo. Both can go for a spa before the big night. You get to choose the mode of transportation. You get to fly in a helicopter, cruise in a limo or a carriage. Enter the prom like a true celebrity. Prepare new dance moves to dance away the night with your handsome boyfriend. The app allows you to watch the dance videos with your friends and assess your dance skills. Enjoy being in the prom and face the challenging night confidently.


Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance App for Android brings to life all the events that happened during a prom. Do you want your child to get accustomed to the custom. Then, get them hooked to this app. Guide them on what is right and wrong. Help them understand it is just a fun event that lets them be the best and showcase their dancing skills to the world. It is a fun game every kid love to play. The app is available for free to download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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