Puzzledom Classic Puzzles Android App Review

Puzzledom for Android is one of the most addictive puzzles gaming app with a collection of best games packaged in a minimalistic design. The puzzles are logic based and bring to you the best of the world like connect, blocks, rolling ball and escape. It is both easy to learn and fun where you can quickly master all the puzzles in the collection. It trains your brain and improves visual processing, logical reasoning, increases attention, planning, and strategy. Puzzledom – Classic Puzzles All in One – app is downloaded for free from Google Play.

Simple puzzles that are easy to learn and fun to play                   

Puzzledom Classic Puzzles for Android has tons of levels designed aesthetically that inspire you to challenge yourself. There are over 8000 free levels. The interface is simple and suits the ambience of the game. The collection of games can be played by all age groups. The app allows you to start at difficult level straight away.  The levels vary from novice, regular, advance, expert and master. Some games are given like incentives when you reach certain level. There is no time limit to finish a round. The games also provide clues to tackle obstacles so you can climb to the next level.

Puzzledom Android game app collection currently includes, connect, blocks, rolling balls, escape and many more are being added. Connect involves connecting dots of same color by drawing lines. Blocks need you to fill the entire board with different shapes by dragging the right block and placing it in the correctly. Rolling ball will need you to make a guiding path so the balls can start from one point to another. Based on Chinese sliding block, escape needs you to move the red block to the exit.


Puzzledom Classic Puzzles for Android is simple and most people get addictive playing this game. Reminiscent of earlier online games that most of us grew up playing, you would always prefer these game collections than just surfing the web or YouTube videos. Though there are violent games the app requires you to complete certain levels to reach there. At the end of every game you will find ads for the next games.

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