Radon – Share using Ultrasound Android App Review

Radon – Share using Ultrasound is a free Android application which is developed as a data sharing application between the devices. It works without the need of pairing, scanning the QR code or using network connection to transfer data just like other apps do. It uses a new method of sharing links between devices that is sharing using ultrasound technology. It enables the user to share links to everyone nearby rather than sending data to one by one.


After the installation of Radon app the user can provide the QR code in the application or can share it through other mediums for others to install. It works on the basis of Google nearby API which is a platform for discovering and communicating with nearby devices without the need of internet. It finds the devices nearby by using WiFi, Bluetooth and ultrasonic sound. The sound waves from the application is above the frequency level that the humans can hear. It can’t be used to share multimedia such as photos and videos but can share links of web pages, videos, photos etc. There is no need of providing our information of signing in into the app. It also works normally on devices which lacks NFC (Near Field Communication). Select the link that needed to be shared and tell others to open the app for sharing. It is an effective app for sharing small amount of data to a group of people. One of the main issue is that it doesn’t have the option to choose selected people to be sent rather it sends data to all users of this app nearby.

Radon – Share using Ultrasound Android App Review


The concept and idea of the developers is appreciable for using ultrasound tech which is the latest innovation in android field. Radon app for Android requires internet access for its function and there are also problems in sharing for users using different android versions. The app requires permission to view network connections and to Google Play billing service. It mainly works on Google nearby platform. This app will bring a change in sharing platforms if it can bring new features and solve current errors by bringing updates often.   

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