Roli Play iPhone Music App Review

Roli Play for iPhone is an interactive introduction to the Lightpad Block, the musical touchpad from ROLI. By tapping on the soft pressure-responsive surface of the Lightpad Block you can play any kind of sound from drum beats to orchestral strings. Roli Play app may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes.

Make Music in Minutes

Roli Play for iPhone helps you master the gestures for making music on the Lightpad, so you can start playing right out of the box. The user can play around with virtually any kind of instrument sound. For example, you can try your hand at a flute solo, a guitar lead, or a pulsing dance floor beat. Roli Play introduces you to the huge range of sounds available at the touch of a finger on the Lightpad Block. The only thing you should have is some real music sense. In Roli Play app for iPhone, you control the sound through the intensity of your touches. By using the app, essentially you learn how to shape and deepen any sound through simple touch gestures. The app takes you through a few quick lessons about how five movements — Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift — bring your music to life on the super-smooth surface of a Lightpad Block.

Roli Play iPhone Music App Review

Roli Play iPhone app let you loop and mix your creations as you please. That is, you can make a song by choosing sounds, recording loops, and mixing them. The best part is that like a music director, you can enjoy the fun of experimenting with the elements of electronic music composition on a Lightpad Block. Once done, your creations can be shared with others. The UI design of Roli Play app’s interface is largely user friendly. Every control or menu item is prominently displayed. For the user, creating a music will take only few minutes. The blue color theme looks nice as well. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 9.3+. It should be noted that the app developers recommend iPhone 6S or later.

Final Take

Roli Play for iPhone provides an interactive introduction to the Lightpad Block. You’ll be amazed as to how easily and quickly you can create music using this tool. The controls are intuitive at best. The lessons on hand movements teaches you the nuances of creating music on Lightpad Block. Sharing options come handy. UI layout is user friendly. It is also stable. Check out if you love creating music using your iPhone.