RotoView PDF Reader for Android Review

RotoView PDF Reader app is another way to explore the ‘Portable Document Format’ files in your Android device. In addition to providing a smooth navigation through the PDF documents, this application also has a set of unique features that makes it quite different and more appealing than the regular PDF Reader applications. RotoView PDF Reader Android app is available for free and sizes around 14 MB in the Google Play Store.


RotoView PDF Reader for Android opens up and lets you access any type of PDF file stored in your phone memory and SD card. The basic functions of a normal PDF reader are all present in an excellent interface that really attracts any user towards the application. The features like day and night themes, search bar, copy button, pinch to zoom feature etc are provided with extreme perfection and response. An array of annotation tools is also provided to let you highlight the important portions in the desired file. However, to save your annotations, you need to do an in-app purchase or upgrade the application to its premium version which costs a few dollars. Coming to the major highlight of the app, the gesture controls.

RotoView PDF Reader for Android Review

Android RotoView PDF Reader app is built and designed in such a way that the reader or user feels extremely comfortable and can browse through the application or file with extreme ease. While most other PDF applications require you to scroll or swipe over the screens to read further, this one does it automatically by making use of the sensors and the gyroscope present in the device. To focus the display to your desired portion, all you need to do is to tilt the phone in the appropriate direction. You can also use the thumb scrolling option by holding down your thumb on the screen and moving your phone to any direction which in turn shifts the view to the part you require. Turning pages is also made effortless with just a double tilt on the left or right direction providing the necessary turns. A detailed tutorial is provided under the ‘Help’ tab in settings to know more about the controls and gestures in the application. These features really do help in saving a lot of time and patience while browsing your long, large documents.


It is indeed very rare that a PDF browser application employs unique features that actually exempt the user from using the screen while being busy at reading. RotoView PDF Reader for Android is worth a try for that very purpose, to actually keep you engrossed with your PDF file and let you do the necessary functions without even having to touch the phone. A perfect PDF reader with really amazing set of features!

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