Scheduled iPhone App Review

Scheduled iPhone App helps you to schedule automatically all the messages you plan to send through messengers. It is easier said than done to keep in mind all that you want to type and send it to everybody without leaving anyone behind. The app lets you schedule written texts to be sent through SMS, email, and iMessage. Messages are scheduled to be sent automatically. You can also set reminders for important messages. It is most useful at situations where you or require to send bulk messages to different people or send pre-written mails to customers.

Time your messages perfectly well with Scheduled

Scheduled iPhone App makes things easy. You can write and save messages, schedule reminders and get reminded at the scheduled time. The app supports messaging features of the phone and apps like Skype, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Line, WhatsApp, and many more. You just need to schedule a message and select a contact or multiple contacts. You will have options to auto send or send repetitive messages. You need to keep reminders and also select your messaging app.

Scheduled App for iPhone lets you import contacts, birthdays and also connect to iOS calendar. Appointment, meetings andbirthdays and more can be imported along with multiple recipients. The app allows you to delete, archive, skip, snooze and repeat messages. You connect your calendar with app to schedule messages easily. Helps you keep in touch with everybody in your busy schedule.


Scheduled iPhone App lets you manage sending messages to multiple recipients or a group easily. You are never going to forget birthdays or miss sending wishes to people. It is now easy and saves time as you do not have to keep reminders and then send messages. The app is available in European and Asian languages apart from English. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in app purchases available to purchase premium and business version of the apps. The app requires iOS 10.3 and above. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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