Severed iPhone Game App Review

The iTunes Store is full of good games with simple game play. These kinds of games are perfect for killing the time and have some fun while you are at it. However, only a few games can be said to be ‘great’. One such game is Severed for iPhone. Let us take a look at the features of this amazing game, shall we?

The Perfect Game to Have Some Fun

The best thing about Severed, which differentiates it from other games, is its depth. This prevents the game from looking childish or getting boring after a short time. In Severe iPhone game you take the role of a femme fatale Sasha. You would be journeying through a nightmarish world. You would encounter devilish characters and need to defeat them by severing their body parts. You can wear the body parts to gain new powers or consume it to get upgrades. The soundtrack of Severed game is pretty amazing as well.

Severed iPhone Game App Review

App Highlights

3D Touch support
Graphic optimization for Metal enabled devices
Game play video recording with ReplayKit
Multiple difficulty levels
iMessage sticker pack


Severed for iPhone is definitely one of the fun apps that you can play to pass the time. The game play is simple and there is a lot of depth in it as well. So, install the app and kill time in style.

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