Shadowgun Deadzone Android Game App Review

Shadowgun Deadzone for Android, a shooting game app, is an intense online multiplayer third person shooter for mobiles. You want to experience the ultimate war and bullet fest, then you need not look beyond Shadowgun Deadzone. You will not find anybody as sharper a shooter as the Deadzone. The best multiplayer shooting you could ever experience in mobile. A no frills shooter game with so much potential as it is better, complete and more entertaining.

Satisfy your itching hand with this heck of a shooting spree

Shadowgun Deadzone for Android is an adrenaline pumping action game which is intense, fast paced combat that allows up to 12 players. It is a third person shooter puts you right in the middle of a war zone with plenty of bullets for company. There are two game modes, Deathmatch and Zone control. Deathmatch is nothing but a blind shooting spree and Zone control is a capture game where you need to take control of the situation by capturing the flag. There are 10 different memorable characters to choose from and customize them to match your style.

Deadly weapons are available at your disposal, that includes, sub machine guns, assault rifles and plasma throwers, sentry guns and other 20 different unique, lethal, futuristic weapons. The graphics is great and quite realistic, you will enjoy being in a war torn country. If you get tired with too much of action, take a break, just walk up to an object and you can take cover without much ado. Earn game points as you jump into the badass game.


Shadowgun Deadzone for Android is gorgeous to look and ultimately frenzy to play with, get to feel like you are a part of a full on Hollywood action movie. You will find a great variety of guns and strategies with good controls and smooth movement and the maps used are quite big and open. Fight, kill, dieā€¦ and the history repeats.You get into an atmospheric world of action and get transported to an even more slick. This ultimate death-match multiplayer game is free to download from Google Play Store.

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