Smartphone Apps to Check Out This Week

Smartphone Apps to Check Out This Week

Tower Defense: Lost Earth for iPhone

This is one of the most popular paid apps available in iTunes right now, and for the extremely low price at which its being offered its surprising more people haven’t downloaded it yet. This game has many different levels to play, multiple maps, and hours of game time. Many people may be turned off by this after playing the demo, which can be easily beaten, but that is their mistake. The full version of the game proves to be much more challenging than the demo and has a full range of weapons for you to use instead of a select few. While some may argue that this game requires little or no strategy, there are five times as many who have listed this as one of their favorites, earning it the title of Best Tower Defense game currently available.

Flick Golf for iPhone

Golf has never been easier or more fun to play, especially on days when you are stuck in the office or traveling, or if the weather just isn’t suitable for a day at the course. This game is great for any age and you’re proficiency at golf is irrelevant to this game. A simple flick of your finger sends your golf ball flying down the course, but make sure you take into account the wind to get the most accurate shot possible! This game has recently expanded, now with even more holes and courses to play. There are also different tour modes available, as well as QuickShot, which allows for even more game play. They are constantly creating new holes and levels for this game, just keep an eye out for updates and add-ons.

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  1. One of my favorite apps this week was “Where’s My Water?” It reminds me of the fun puzzle games from many years ago. Look forward to trying Flick Golf.

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