Socratic Math Answers Android App Review

Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help for Android is a education app that helps you complete your homework. All you need to do is take a snap of the questions, upload in the app and get answers. It’s a wide range of subjects the app caters to, including Maths, Science, History, English and Economics. The app identifies the relevant subject from its database of millions of questions and using cutting edge technology and machine learning algorithms to find the accurate solution.

Snap, upload and learn

Socratic Homework Help for Android deals with wide range of school subjects within each main subjects. Complex questions on algebra, calculus, statistics, graphing and so on is easily handled by the app. The process is made easy. You will have to take the picture of a homework question and the artificial intelligence will instantly find the concept and presents you with solution and explanation so you can educate yourself. The app has millions of sample questions to accurately find the concept involved. The developers are professional educators and they create visually appealing content. The language is simple English which is jargon free which makes it easier for students to understand. The online videos are curated from prominent training centres like Khan Academy, Crash Course and the like.

Socratic Math Answers Android App Review

The solutions are broken down into simple, easy tasks with colour coded instructions and graphs get the information across. Socrates supports 23 different subjects and counting as the team has very big plans. The students are also allowed to ask questions, by taking a picture of the question itself and can receive the explanation. There is room for further subjects to be added in the Future Subjects page.


Socratic Homework Help for Android is a great platform for students to complete their homework. It a tool that aids to find answers and explanations on math, Science and social studies quite vastly and accurately. It is much more focussed around the subjects it offers than a general internet search. The fact that you don’t have to type the symbols and equations you find in math and science is itself a great advantage on using this app. It is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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