SoloLearn: Learn to Code Android App Review

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Android is an educational app featuring the largest collection of free code learning courses which can be used by beginners and professionals. The app brings you the platform where in you can practice the skills you are learning to acquire, teaches you from basic till you create a project and master the skill. SoloLearn offers users to learn coding skills in a dozen different languages, including JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, HTML and SQL. The educational app is geared towards adults and has a minimum age limit of thirteen.

Get Your Coding Right

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Android offers thousands of programming topics to learn coding, brush up your knowledge skills or be abreast with the latest coding trends. The content is delivered based on your progress, preference and market trends. It creates a great platform to make leaning easy and enjoyable with real time alerts and on going community support. SoloLearn lets you create your own lessons in the area of your expertise. This improves your profile and gives you bright prospects in the field of coding with millions watching you in the coding community of SoloLearn.

With SoloLearn app, you don’t require any additional installations and setups. You can write, run and share real code right from your mobile. Peer support is an essential part of learning and development especially in the field of coding. It has unique rewarding scheme in the form of badges. The app offers badges for tasks that range from completing the first lesson to creating lessons of your own. You can also post your own code for other users to try and comment. The learning community in SoloLearn creates fresh learning content every day facilitating efficient and effective coding skill improvement.


SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Android does not have parental controls in place and users have free access to discussion boards with thousands of adult users. You can follow other users but there is no private chat. The app is available for free download. There are pop up ads which will be a little intrusive. It is an innovative platform for a great learning experience.

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