Sound Amplifier Android App Review

Sound Amplifier Android App helps highlight specific sound in a noisy environment. This is particularly useful for people who have varying degrees of hearing loss. The app can make it easier to hear spoken words that may otherwise be tough to understand. The app can augment, filter and amplify sounds that are around in the real world. It requires the assistance of a microphone for real time audio processing.Before using the app, you need to connect a wired headset.You can make the phone to pause the app when you have any incoming calls. The app can help people with hearing disability to tackle their issue.

Enhance Your Listening Experience With A Unique Solution

Sound Amplifier for Android is an easy to use app that enhances your audio and provides a more comfortable and natural listening experience.The app will filter and augment audio from real world surrounding you. The app makes audio clearer making it lot easier to listen. It identifies quite sounds alone and does not touch the loud noises. It has two sliders that can customize the sound instantly. The noise reduction will minimize distracting noises in the background.

The Sound Amplifier Android App allows you to personalize the listening experience. You can carry on conversations in a loud surrounding and use the app to enhance what you want. The audio visualization helps you visualize the audio. Boost the quite noise, reduce loud ones using your device. A great app for weak audio.


Sound Amplifier Android App is a unique way to enhance your listening experience. There are so many instances where you want to have a clearer listing experience. You are never gonna miss anything that could go unnoticed. The app amplifies whatever you missed. The app can be toggled on and off from the Settings and Accessibility. You can tune the app to a setting you like. The app is available for devices with android 6 and later. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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