Spotify Stations Android App Review

Spotify Stations Android App provides an easy way to listen to music nonstop. Listening to music is one of the favorite pastimes of many. There are many music apps available in the market. Spotify Stations is different from the Spotify app, in this app you can create stations and listen to music played by that station. The world of music is within your palm.

Enjoy Non Stop Music From Stations Created Just For You

Spotify Stations for Android is a minimalist app that has the simplest user interface. The tools are easy to access and are used to customize your experience.The scrollable playlist makes it easy to access songs you love to listen. You can create your own stations by picking up an artist or genre you love. Overtime the app understands your liking and creates a playlist that is personalized to your liking.

The Spotify Stations App for Android listens and learns more about your interest and it will get you to what you want instantly. You don’t have to type or search. You are taken to stations packed with music you love instantly. The music will start playing as soon as it is open. The users do not  have to search for songs. Discover Weekly and Release Radar makes it easy to listen and find your favorite choices. The app can attract millions of users from Pandora with its convenience and simplicity.


Spotify Stations Android App is an experiment from the Spotify company. The app is designed for people who love to have a radio like experience where they do not have to seek out for music. The lightweight music streaming app provided easy access to curated music. The app surely reduces the time and effort taken to create a playlist of your favorite music. Theapp is free for download and use. There areads placed by the developer.There are noin-app purchases available in the app.The app requires a Spotify subscription. Spotify free users will be able to listen to music, like or dislike songs. Spotify Premium users will have ad free listening with unlimited skips. 

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