Sprout Baby iPhone App Review

Sprout Baby iPhone app is used by busy parents to ease the challenges faced as you bring up your child. The initial stages can really be tricky. Babies are very delicate and it is quite important to know the meaning of even the slightest signs and symptoms. Sprout Baby is a comprehensive tracker that helps you track all the development stages, sleep routine, illness and also medication. It acts like a digital baby book that is personified to suit your baby’s need. Track everything from daily feeding routines to first steps, teeth, haircut and so on.

Track and record all the vital information

Sprout Baby app for iPhone is a baby tracking app that is simple yet intuitive. It is designed to keep record of all the vital information of your baby, like the, medical records, milestones and daily routines. You can keep everything separately and that helps monitor each event easier. A separate health Tracker can log temperature, symptoms, illnesses and medicines. Monitor all the age appropriate milestones using standard guidelines.

Using Sprout Baby app for iPhone its easy to track feedings, sleep, diaper changes and view the summary on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Immunization chart help you with reminders on the right time. Record all the first moments if your baby and export it as eBook. Share these with friends and family without posting on social media.


Sprout Baby iPhone app is a powerful all in one tool that you will ever need to lead a peaceful life of a parent.Feature loaded and ease of use make this favorite app. It pulls data from WHO and CDCso you can check your baby’s vital statistics with the general population. Apart from tracking, the app let’s you capture special moments that can be saved in the app and you can revisit later. The app is available in different languages apart from English. The basic version of the app is freeto download and use. The premium version of the app is available for two week free trial and after the period you need to upgrade through in app purchases. There are no or ads.

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