Steam Link Android App Review

Steam Link Android App allows you stream games to TV, tablets and phones. The app for android device brings all the joy of desktop gaming to the android device. You just need to pair a Bluetooth controller or a Steam controller to the device and connect to a computer on the same network that has Steam installed. You can start playing all the steam games on your device. For best performance with computer and android  TV, connect using the Ethernet to the router. For best performance with android devices, connect the device to 5 GHz of your network.

Streaming Games Like Never Before

Steam Link for Android is an intuitive and user friendly app with an easy to use clean interface. You can setup the whole system in three simple steps. You need to first enable and install the apps streaming feature on the desktop steam application which is on a host system of the same network. Next, you need to connect the Bluetooth controller to the device. Lastly, launch the Steam Link app on the device and choose a host computer and pair a controller to connect.

The default minimum bandwidth is 15Mbps and for best performance it requires 30Mbps. The bandwidth has to be constant. This process completely takes over the desktop and displays the streaming game on the monitor. The Steam controller also supports Bluetooth just in case you are planning to move from device to device.


Steam Link Android App can easily let you access your game library from any android device that shares the same network. A cloud gaming technology, it requires a Ethernet connection between the router and the host and between the device and the host. It gives immense capabilities like voice chatting and third party controller. It is a perfect replacement for Steam Link box to stream on a TV. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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