Sticker Maker Android App Review

Sticker Maker is a free android app developed by Viko & Co. which enables the user to develop his/her own sticker packs for Whatsapp. The users can make stickers using their device camera or directly uploading photos from their photo gallery. The user can also import memes for making their stickers. This app has over 10 million downloads as of now. The user can make as many sticker packs as he/she wants and each sticker pack can hold up to 30 stickers.

Features & functions

Sticker Maker for Android is a great platform to create funny, creative and lovable stickers using our own photos, friend’s photos, memes and share it through Whatsapp between our contacts and groups. After the successful installation of the app, the user needs to select the icon “Create a new sticker pack” after that the user needs to provide the name of the sticker pack and also the author name of the sticker pack. A new sticker pack is generated and a well set 30 icons appears where the user can add photos from gallery, files or take photos at that time. After selecting the image the user needs to cut the image using their finger to make it appropriate for their required sticker. The user can also zoom the image to cut better.

Sticker Maker Android App Review

The user can also rotate the image or can select the image as a whole. After successful selection the user can save the sticker and add it to Whatsapp. There is a minimum limit of 3 stickers and maximum of 30 stickers required in sticker pack for its successful inclusion in Whatsapp. It is difficult for some users to cut it using their finger as they can’t make perfect outline stroke and some are also forced to use stylus for outlining. Another annoying factor is that the users aren’t able to add text to their stickers which could make the stickers more creative.


The main attraction of Sticker Maker for Android is the creation of stickers using our own device with your own pictures and shares it globally. This app is also supported in Gbwhatsapp and also it is also available in iOS version. It contains ads placed by the developers. Check out this app for creating interesting stickers.

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